5 Things to Do when your Rental Car is Involved in an Accident

Was your Rental Car is Involved in an Accident? Take these steps, and everything will be ok in the end

Photo by CC user Lewis Clarke on geograph.org.uk.

Being involved in a road traffic accident is stressful at the best of times, but if the car you are driving is rented, then the game changes slightly. Obviously, you will be insured to drive the vehicle, so you do not need to panic. If this has never happened to you, here are some important points to remember if you are ever involved in an accident with a hired vehicle.

  1. Stay Calm – Rule number one with any accident is to remain calm, and make sure that no one is injured. If there are injuries sustained, call the emergency authorities before doing anything else, and make sure that the injured people are as comfortable as can be until they arrive. Accidents can sometimes be very traumatic, so try to stay calm, and if no one is hurt, it isn’t such a big deal and the insurance companies will take it from here.

  2. Call the Car Rental Company – Car hire companies are always fully insured and the next thing you should do is to contact them and inform them of the accident. They will send someone to the scene and also provide you with another vehicle, so you can continue on your way with the minimum of inconvenience. If you are in Western Australia, and looking for car hire, Ace Rent A Car provide affordable car rental, and with a range of top quality vehicles, there will be something just right. There will be an emergency number to call and that should be visible on a sticker somewhere in the interior.

  1. Check your Rental Agreement – Usually, there is a certain figure that must be paid by the hirer, and this will be stipulated in the rental agreement. After making contact with the rental company, they should send someone to your location quickly, along with a replacement vehicle so that you and your group can continue.

  1. Do Not Admit Liability – At least not until you have spoken with the car rental company. It is a good idea to take down the names and addresses of others involved, along with any witnesses. If you think the other driver is at fault, then make this known to the authorities when they arrive, and take photos with your smartphone if possible. This may be of help if liability is contested

  1. Check all Paperwork – Make sure you have your copy of the rental agreement, along with your driving licence and any other ID you might have. If the police are involved, be polite and courteous, and try to give your side of the story clearly. Usually, things are quickly established, and if everyone is OK, your journey can continue.

More often than not, our car rental experience is a good one, but in the unlikely event you are involved in an accident, the above points should help you. Remain calm and make sure the authorities are informed, and the car rental company should take care of everything.