How to Prepare For Med School

Pursuing a career in medicine is one of the most rewarding career choices. Not only does it give you an opportunity to help people and literally save lives, but it stimulates and challenges your potential at the highest level.

Being one of the hardest endeavors a student could undertake, it’s important to take proper steps in advance in order to prepare for applying to a med school prior to taking the actual exams. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of getting into the med school as well as make the actual studies easier.

Find an Advisor

College application advisors can provide real and practical assistance to students applying for colleges. Most neglect the benefits of their service, which is a pity. Don’t make the same mistake. Schedule an appointment with one, as soon as possible. The advisor will help you create a detailed plan on how to improve your chances of being accepted. The most important part of the plan should be a detailed layout of all the courses you need to take and the order in which to take them. The advisor could also help you with internships and other ways to gain pre-medical experience.

Pre-med Experience

Having a practical experience in the field of medicine could help you immensely in preparing for both school and the future work. According to experts from a renowned Caribbean medical school the experience in research in lab facility is equally as useful as the one you get from a hospital.

If you really want a hospital experience to get yourself prepared for the challenges of the medical profession – it’s best to organize so-called shadowing tours, where you follow a doctor during a routine day in a hospital and take careful notes about the experience.


Almost all med schools in the US and Canada require high MCAT scores to get in. The adviser will help you prepare for them and there are a lot of free materials you can use. Take a few MCAT practice tests to know where you stand, but don’t take the actual test until you’re ready. There are no rules as to how long the preparation should be, but it usually takes between 2 to 8 months depending on your learning style and other obligations you may have.

Letter of Evaluation

Med school application is pretty standard, there are grades that you need to have, MCAT scores that you need to get, and there are rules as to how the applications should be written. You need to find a way to stand out and evaluation letter is the way you can achieve that. Ask a professor that knows you well to write that letter or the advisor can write it instead. Make sure it’s written by someone who really knows you and can emphasize your qualities. Do not wait until the last minute to ask for it – ample time to prepare will make the letter better and the application stronger.


Keep your parents in the loop about the entire process because their help could be of great value both financially and psychologically. Financial aid you may get from the university is also largely dependent on your parent’s income and savings, regardless of your age. The financial aid process is complicated and requires a lot of paperwork so get your parents working on it as you prepare for the exams.

Getting into med school isn’t easy, but it could be accomplished by hard work hard and preparing in advance.