Pop Music Around the World

Music is a wonderful solace to the soul of every individual. Pop music basically gets its name from ‘popular’ music. This type of music emerged in the year 1950. The urban, rock and dance styles are often merged with pop music to make wonderful musical pieces. Popular music or pop music has marked distinction between Indian pop or Latin pop, Country pop or Power pop.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Boy Bands
Various bands around the world mainly consists of male singers . Important names in this regard are The Osmolds, The Beatles, The Jackson 5, Menudo, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Westlife, Jonas Brothers, Big Time Rush, One Direction and many others. These types of pop musicians generally make music from the male perspective. Needless to mention, some of the greatest hits of the world are given by them. From the classic pop song ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles to the recent ‘Never Gone’ by Backstreet Boys, these songs are largely appreciated.

K-Pop Music Groups
Although this is abbreviated originally from Korean-pop, this genre of music group does not necessarily comprise of people from Korea. This form of music was originated by the Seo Taiji & Boys. This form of pop became popular in Japan in the year 2000. The hippie folk culture and ballad music were merged together to form the K-pop music. Popular artists of this form of music include BoA, Rain, Pipi Band and a few others. The greatest hit in this form was the “Gangnam Style” in the 2012 by Psy. The amazing success at youtube testified that this form of pop music is appreciated and loved worldwide.

Indie-Pop Groups
This is probably the most popular type of pop music. Various subdivisions under Indie-pop music include American Indie-pop, British Indie-pop, Japanese Indie-pop, Swedish Indie-pop, Irish Indie-pop, Icelandic Indie-pop, etc. Popular artists and bands who are loved and appreciated for their Indie Pop music around the world include The Bang, Hank & Cupcakes, King Electric, Pato Fu, Tiger Tunes, Team William, Northern Portrait, Satellite Stories, to name a few. Wide use of electric guitars and catchy tunes are the main features of this form of music.

New Wave Groups
This pop music types generally involves a lot of innovations and new techniques to form the music. Many famous artists and band associated with this music type are The Helicopters, The Dawn, Queen of Japan, Minimal Compact, Whispers in the Shadow, Soda Stereo and many others. All over the world small and large pop music groups and artists practice this form of pop music constantly.

Pop culture is prevalent all around the globe. Every country and place has its own form of pop culture. While some adds a little folk touch to it, some add more instrumentals. This popular music or pop music has also been used in mainstream cinema. The famous TV series known as The Simpsons have been consistently featuring pop music for the viewers. Some forms of rock, opera and other forms are also incorporated in popular music according to the mood of a particular song. All these varieties make the pop music around the world so successful.