Placing Winning Bets: What You should Remember to be Successful at Sports Betting

Most of us see sports betting as more of a ‘weekend’ thing – something we do, for instance, if there’s an interesting game and we’d like to perhaps rake in a win. But if you’re one of those who are serious about sports betting and making it work to your advantage in the long term, there are some factors that you should bear in mind.

First things first

First of all, remember: it’s not all about win with live bets or losing a bet. It’s more on the percentages and the statistics, and it’s also more on taking in more winnings than losses. That’s how you end up getting a profit in the end. The key to success in sports betting is seeing it as a long-term strategy – something that you have to be patient about. If you begin placing bets and then lose hope after a month or two, success will never knock on your door. For example, if you place a bet through bookmaker reviews on Aussie Bet, you may win the first time. But when you place a second bet, you don’t win. Don’t give up just yet even if you seem to be on a losing streak. Place a bet with another bookmaker – here at Aussie Bet, there are plenty of quality bookmakers from which to choose.

But you have to realise from the beginning that it may take time before you can really understand exactly what you are doing and what the odds are, and how to devise a good strategy that works for you.

Pointers to help you out:

  • Understand the odds

Most punters will make use of bookmakers’ odds so they can make their decisions. Whilst this may be all well and good sometimes, it’s not advisable to follow their odds all the time. Bookmakers create their odds not on ‘gut feeling,’ but on who they think the public thinks will win. They do this so punters will be attracted to their odds and place their bets, and their books will then be balanced. But if you’re a skilled punter, you will recognise the best opportunities (read: odds) and you don’t have to follow the crowd’s opinions – you will have your own.

  • Understand mathematics

As a punter, it’s your responsibility to figure out your prospective returns on any bet you place. You should also take advantage of a ‘staking plan’ so you know the amount of funds you can stake on a particular market. But how do you do these things properly? Only with a good understanding of maths. You will also need a good understanding of maths if you want to compare the probability of a game’s outcome to the odds that are presented for the same result. Whilst instinct may help you win a game or two, maths will help you develop a key strategy that works for the long term.