Photo Studio Hire: Your Next Bonding Moment May Be Your Best Yet!

Tired of the usual bonding moments you share with workmates, friends, and family? Thinking of doing something more than the occasional fishing trips, theme park visits, and Sunday garden barbecues? Why not try something new, something novel, something different! The best part? You will have something to show for it at the end of the day!

Hiring a photo studio for a bonding activity with friends and family will surely be one for the books. You not only get to spend time with your loved ones, you also get to keep souvenirs of that special day all immortalized for posterity. You can literally spend the day in most studio facilities and take advantage of the amenities. Most of these establishments offer services that go beyond just the photo and video sessions (though those make for the best experience). They also offer snacks and refreshments, catering even, if requested in advance.

To maximise the photo studio hire experience, you may want to seriously plan your activities for the day. Here are a few planning tips you may want to consider:

  • Find a photo studio hire that is accessible to everyone because of course, the more the merrier!
  • Check out the studio’s service offerings, their amenities, and find out what other added value they can provide (snacks and refreshments, catering services, and the like.) Also, would they have costumes or theme wear for the crazy photo sessions? Not really a deal breaker but it would be a big plus.
  • Ask for group packages and discounts (this usually works when you have a large group).
  • Try getting the best value for your money by haggling for a good deal for both photo and video packages – how cool would that be to have both options, right?

After you’ve done your due diligence and after picking out your photo studio hire, now you may:

  • Plan the games
  • Bring the booze
  • Share the stories
  • Bring out the karaoke for some sing-a-long (then sing like no one’s hearing!)
  • Polish the dancing shoes (and dance like no one’s watching!)
  • If it is a birthday celebration, roast the host! (Be sure he or she gets emotional and sentimental – makes for good photos and videos!)
  • Most importantly, enjoy posing for the photos and videos! These are all memories worth seeing and reliving over and over again

How many times have you tried reminiscing about a particular event or moment in your life and the details are just all too hazy? So sketchy in fact that you feel sad and wish that you had pictures, videos, mementos of the event to remember them by. Do not make the same mistake again! It is never too early to plan your next bonding moment with friends and family. A photo studio might prove to be the venue for your best bonding moment yet.