How to Choose the Best Photos for Instagram by SimplyGram Reviews

So you’ve joined Instagram, and now you’re wondering what’s the best way to get your products in front of customers. It’s easy enough to take pictures but which ones should you choose? Here at SimplyGram Reviews, we’ve put together a few guidelines that should help.

1) Get inspired by other people

It seems obvious, but how many people do you see posting pictures of their lunch every day. Instagram is a great way to get inspiration, find new users, and learn about your industry.

2) Create a theme for your feed

People want to know what they’re getting into when they follow you on Instagram. If each post has an individual theme, it will be easier for people to connect to your feed.

3) Show the behind-the-scenes of your business

People want to know what happens before they see that finished product, and Instagram is a great place for them to see the journey from start to finish.

4) Don’t just show off; tell a story

We all know we’re using Instagram as a marketing tool, but users also want to learn about your business. Don’t just focus on the finished product; talk about the people that make up your business too.

5) Use hashtags sparingly

It’s great to find some relevant hashtags and post your photo with them, but people will see right through it if you overdo it. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post and still remain relevant, so choose your best ones and leave the rest.

6) Get creative with filters

Instagram has a range of filters that you can apply to your photos, but don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is your picture to contain qualities that would never be seen in the real world. Use them sparingly, and you’ll be able to produce some gorgeous photos!

7) Monitor your account

If someone asks a question or leaves a negative comment, respond as quickly as possible. Don’t let your Instagram account go unattended because once you lose their attention, it’s hard to get back.

8) Captions matter

The last thing you want is your photo to be beautiful, but the caption tells people what happened or what you’re doing. Photoshop can be fun, but Instagrammers like to hear about your product and how it fits into their world.

9) Consistency matters

Instagram will be one of your most-used marketing tools because people want to follow brands they can relate to. Make sure you post at least once a day and make the images relevant.

10) Be human

You’re allowed to show off, but don’t forget that a group of humans is working to make it all happen behind even the most successful company! Don’t forget what drives you and why you started your company, and those images are just as important as the rest.

11) Think about your followers

Yes, we all want to expand our brand and reach as many users as possible, but that can’t happen without keeping those who already follow you happy too! So use hashtags relevant to what they’re interested in and make sure your images will engage them.

12) Make it easy to find you

You want as many people as possible to follow you on Instagram, so make it easy for them to do so. Include your Instagram link in every post, and always remember to use relevant hashtags!