Off The Beaten Track Thailand Tours For The Intrepid Traveller

Thailand is a fascinating kingdom to visit with an assortment of delights for the intrepid (and curious) traveller. Whether it is the serene rainforests, the turquoise beach front, the temples with intricate carvings, the bazaars or the plush Chinatown shopping complex, picturesque cities, and mind boggling resorts, there is no dearth of active pursuits for tourists interested in an off-the-track experience.

Royal Palace, Bangkok

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Are you looking to discover offbeat places in Thailand? We have some of the best Thailand tour schedules for you to check out:

AdventureThailand Tours

Thailand is famous for so many different reasons. However the scuba diving PADI courses are the most popular reason as to why so many tourists visit the country each year. The crystal blue waters, the myriad ocean life on display and the friendly, knowledgeable instructors make the experience total bliss. Ko Tao, Ko Chang and Phuket are wonderful scuba diving locations in Thailand. Whether you sign up for a beginner’s course or for an adventure session, you’d love the experience. You can look online and find some cheap Phuket hotels off the coast to stay in during your diving trip.

While in Thailand, you must experience hot air ballooning, active from November to March. Chiang Mai has a few renowned operators that offer you delightful joyrides. The views (especially the sunsets) are breathtaking.

White water rafting in Pai where you brush with ancient fossils, rock climbing at Krabi and trekking in Thailand’s lush green jungles form an integral part of the adventure tour schedule. This tour should take around three days to conclude.

Holistic Thailand Tours

Thailand is synonymous with yoga, wellness activities, aromatic spa massages, and detoxification therapies that cure your body of its toxins, the stress, and erratic lifestyle. There are several wellness centers located at the beach with an eclectic set of fitness and wellness programmess that include tai chi, colonic irrigation, holistic diets and meditation sessions. One place you might want to try out is the Ko Chang Spa.

If you’d like to spend more time meditating and practicing renunciation, try enlisting for a “sangha” (monkhood) experience at the SuanMokkaBalarama Resort in the South or Wat Ram Poeng in the North. Certain spas also consist of Thai style massages that make you feel fresh and completely rejuvenated, so you ought to try them too.

Holistic Thailand tours are ideal for corporate travellers looking at a week or more of tranquility and calm while they catch up with their spirituality and overall wellness in the meanwhile. Try it but we’d better warn you, these tours are addictive!

Other Obscure Destinations To Visit

Thailand has many more attractions in store for the intrepid traveller. The KhaoYai National Park and the Doi Inthanon National Park are beautiful natural preserves where you can hike, bird watch and indulge in nocturnal safaris. Moreover, tourists are known to actually shiver in the tropics as they head to the Doi Inthanon Peak, which at 2500 m above the sea level, is the highest point in Thailand.

The Ti Lor Su waterfall, a brilliant natural sight tucked away in the Myanmar border is another wonderful destination to visit. You may also want to head to Ko Hong, near Krabi, which is a huge limestone rock in the middle of the ocean, with dramatic sunset and sunrise views.

Do you have any more obscure attractions to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you!