How to Finance an Epic Trip Abroad

With high costs of daily living, monthly bills, mortgages and leases, planning for a long trip abroad may seem to be the hardest thing to do – but trust me when I tell you that it is simple to save, earn or get money to finance that dream trip. The process of saving for a trip needs creativity, sacrifice and more determination in order to achieve what you want, but in the end it all comes down to timing and a little discipline.  Read on with me as I guide you through the ways of financing an epic trip abroad.

Money $20 bills

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Save money and cut out expenses

As soon as you have a the idea for the trip in mind, starting setting aside a regular amount from your paycheck and depositing it into a special bank account. This will make you save even when you don’t feel like it. Make habit of saving any change may be from the supermarket or grocery store no matter how little it is. Look at your monthly spending and see where you can cut corners – is it necessary to go to happy hour with friends three times a week? How about just once? This is the time to use the occasional bus instead of your car, cut back on new purchases or mindless spending. That daily $4 cup of coffee could get you several meals in other parts of the world – save it!

Take a second job/sell anything you don’t need

It may be difficult getting a second job, but think outside f the box — can you add to your income by doing anything extra in the evenings or on weekends? Can you work in a shop for a few hours a week, teach a class or sell anything online? The idea here is to get that extra cash so that your saving for the trip won’t interfere with your living pattern or other comforts of your life. Another way to get money to finance you trip is to sell the stuff that you no longer use in and around your house. This includes things like non fitting clothes, old bikes, even the scraps in that back yard can bring in some cash.

Secure a loan from your bank

Still need some extra cash?  Consider taking out a loan.  If you have the time, but not the money (at the moment…) loans might be able to help in because you won’t be required to wait for a long period of time to make your dreams of going abroad come true.  Shop around to see what’s available, how the bank can help you and how you’ll be able to successfully pay off the loan once you return. Most financial institutions have special loans which will cater for your traveling needs and they only require your pay slip to have the money.

Whether it’s wanting to go on a quick getaway, lavish vacation, or travel abroad long term, there are plenty of ways for you to save and finance your trip.  The trick is for know what you want and to be willing to plan for it.