Lyoness – Have You Started Using Cashback Yet?

I didn’t use cashback sites like Lyoness for a long time, and that was simply because I didn’t quite understand how it all worked. Early last year a good friend of mine was talking about the benefits of using cashback sites, and so I decided to have another look. The truth is that it really isn’t difficult to understand and since using these sites I am saving at least 10% on my weekly grocery bill compared with before I began using them. If you have had a busy holiday period and you are looking at saving some serious cash in the new year, cashback is a great way in which you can significantly reduce the amount of money that you spend in the grocery store each week. 

How it All Works

The way which cashback works is to give you a percentage of money back on eligible products which you have bought in the store. The percentage which you will get back varies from product to product, some being as high as 50%. You will go to the store and buy the product at full price, upload proof of purchase and then the site will credit you back the percentage which is is offering on the site. 

How to Get Started 

All you need to do in order to gain access to these brilliant promotions and discounts, is to select your cashback site, I’d recommend Lyoness, and signing up. Once you sign up you will have to pay a small membership fee in order to gain access to the promotions, don’t worry about this as it will more than pay for itself once you start making savings. Once you are signed up, check in each day to see what products are on promotion, find something you like and go buy it, show proof of purchase and then get the money credited back to your account. 

Benefits of Using Cashback 

The main benefit of using cashback sites is of course saving money, but within that there are so many reasons why you have to take advantage of this opportunity. To begin with most of the products that you will find on the site are likely products which you put in your cart each week anyway, this means that you could be saving much more than you are now. This is also a very simple process and in the case of some sites they have a handy phone app which you can use in-store, that will find you offers and give you the chance to simply snap a shot of your receipt so that you can claim your money back. 

If you use this religiously then you are going to start to see the overall cost of your weekly trip to the grocery store fall very quickly. There are so many amazing deals and products with discounts and you will find that this is a great way for you to trim the cost of your groceries, and kickstart your mission to cut your spending.