Margaret Salmon MD – Benefits of Drinking More Water

This time last year I was in the doctors surgery with the wonderful Margaret Salmon MD, being given something of a dressing down because I hadn’t been drinking enough water. I went to see Margaret because I was feeling exhausted and pretty unwell, after a couple of tests she found that I was significantly dehydrated. Margaret began to talk about the benefits of drinking more water and although I wasn’t completely convinced, she is after all a doctor and so I took her word. I endeavored throughout the year to drink 3 liters of water per day, and the difference in my life was huge. If you aren’t drinking enough water, here are the benefits you can expect when you do. 

More Energy 

Within just a week of hitting my recommended daily water intake I found that I had far higher energy levels throughout the day. Normally I’d start slow, get an energy boost around lunchtime and then crash towards 5pm until I went to bed. This all went away however and I began to have energy from first thing in the morning until around 9 at night. Naturally when you have more energy you want to do more things and my work significantly improved. 

Better Skin

I looked at a picture of myself from last year and I noticed just how drawn out I looked, and how dry my skin was. I used to use all kinds of creams and treatments to try and get rid of the dry skin and the saggy eyes, with varying results. Once I began drinking more water however my skin began to really glow and those dark circles under my eyes were greatly reduced. If you want to look great, you have to hydrate. 

Better Focus 

It wasn’t just my energy levels which were improved once I was taking on more water, but also my level of concentration and focus. This is because when you are dehydrated your body has to work so much harder on making sure that all the essential organs are given fluids, which can affect your brain’s ability to focus. Drinking more water made me feel more alert, more organized and more concentrated on what I was doing, a great benefit which helped me a lot.  

Healthier Organs

Over time, not drinking enough water is going to do damage to your organs, particularly your kidneys and your liver. When you are not drinking water these organs have to work harder to clear through waste products and they can become damaged in the process. Staying hydrated allows these organs to work more efficiently and clear through waste better, which can greatly reduce your chances of having any problems in later life. Whilst I can’t say that I feel these benefits now, I have no doubt that in the future I will be doing the organs in my body a greta favor and helping them to avoid problems. 

Drink more water and you will feel infinitely better.