Look Cute and Feel Good: How to Make Heels Comfortable

how to make heels comfortable

Did you know that high-heeled shoes were originally created for men? Male aristocrats, soldiers, and royals alike all wore heels for different reasons. For example, many men wore heels while riding a horse as the heels helped to keep shoes secure in the stirrups.

Nowadays, all different people wear heels, some of which are high. And if you are wearing heels, it’s in your best interest to know how to make heels comfortable. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Nothing beats the rush from both feeling and looking good in a fresh pair of pumps. So how can you make sure you’ll be comfortable?

Keep reading to learn how to look cute, but also feel good.

Prevent Chafing

Without the help of buckles and straps, chafing is often inevitable. And even with them, it still happens. One of the best tricks you can use to prevent this painful action is to roll deodorant on the inside of any parts of your shoe you think might chafe.

Opting for straps and buckles is a great way to avoid chafing as you’ll achieve a snugger fit. That being said, if you’re head over heels for a pair of slip on pumps, use this trick to help prevent blisters.

Stretch Them Out

Even the most comfortable shoes like Chelsea boots or Birkenstocks can cause blisters when you first get them. The key to moving past this stage is to break them in. But you can do so with your heels without having to wear them.

You can buy a tool and do it on your own or take them to your local cobbler. Either way, it should make a difference.

Make Sure They’re the Right Size

Just like bras, many women don’t know their correct shoe size. Take the time to get measured every so often and become familiar with how different brands run, especially your favorite ones. Never wear a pair that isn’t the right size.

Integrate Chunky Heels into Your Collection

For weddings and graduations and any other event where you might walk on grass, do not wear your favorite stilettos. Your heels will sink in less than a second and you’ll be uncomfortable the entire time. Invest in some chunkier heels for events like these and days where your feet just need a break. With chunkier heels, your weight is distributed more evenly and your feet will thank you.

Add Inserts

If you have a pair of heels that is just ever-so-slightly too big, you can add a pair of insoles to accommodate your feet better. You can get silicon inserts for the balls of your feet to ease some of that pressure throughout the day or night. 

There’s nothing wrong with adding inserts, even for high-end brands like the Italian label Gucci.

Knowing How to Make Heels Comfortable Will Change Your Life

Knowing how to make heels comfortable will make your feet want to thank you. Looking great and feeling great should go hand in hand.

Make the change and protect your feet from this day forward. You’ll enjoy wearing a fresh pair of heels way more!

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