Give your child a fantastic experience by throwing them a kids pop star party

Recording Studio

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Coming up with unique and fun party ideas for your child can be tough, but there is one type of party which every child would love to have thrown for them: a pop star experience in a professional recording studio. Guests are able to visit a real recording studio and record some tracks to take home.

Most kids dream of being the next Rihanna or Justin Bieber (though their parents might not like the sound of it!), but unfortunately not many kids get the opportunity to see what being a pop star entails. The recording studio is where the magic happens for any musician or band, as it is the place where ideas become a reality – you go in with an idea and leave with a recorded, produced and mixed piece which will be ready to be released. The recording process is a fascinating process that will intrigue anyone whether you are an aspiring musician, pop fan or you have a general interest in music and recording – this means that a studio experience gift is one that anyone can enjoy.

There are studios that you can go to that can put on fun and fascinating parties for your kids in order to give them great insight into what being a pop star is like. Coming up with party ideas for kids can be tough, as you always want to do something a bit different to the norm and make it a memorable experience for them. Well, a studio experience will certainly be a memorable one and hopefully one that they learn a lot from – it might be what kickstarts their interest in the music industry!

If you have a birthday coming up and you want to treat your child to a brilliant experience then consider a kids pop star party – they should be hugely excited about going into the studio, just like one of their favourite stars. The party will include the opportunity to record songs with the kids singing – this will be great fun and it will also give them an insight into what is involved with each stage of the recording process. In addition, the party will usually have food, drink and more music (though different studios offer different levels of service), and at the end of the day each kid will be able to take home a CD of the recording. This will be something that they cherish forever, and it may well inspire them to continue singing or to pick up an instrument, which will foster creativity even if they don’t end up sticking with it.

You can be sure that the kids will really appreciate the party that you have organised for them, and it will certainly be one that they talk about for years to come. It is a valuable experience that can offer a lot more than your typical children’s party. It should give them a new-found appreciation for pop and all other genres of music, and to come away with their own high quality recording from a top studio it will really get them excited about music too, which is hugely important for young children as they should be encouraged to sing, pick up an instrument and join a band.