Important Information You Need to Know Before Ordering Lobsters Online

There is a lot of Important Information You Need to Know Before Ordering Lobsters Online

The moment you start craving lobsters, you don’t have to leave your home. You can simply order them online. In no time, your live lobsters will arrive and you can cook them right away. Any transaction can be done online these days. However, before you start ordering lobsters, here are some points you should remember.

  1. Determine where the lobsters come from

Before you order lobsters online, make sure you know exactly where they come from. The taste of lobsters depends on the water temperature and quality. Colder and cleaner water makes better tasting lobsters. Hence, lobsters obtained from Maine or Canada are the best. The water in those areas is colder and pollution is minimal. It also goes without saying that you should trust companies that are honest in letting you know where they obtain their lobsters.

  1. Understand the breakdown of the cost

When you see the price of lobsters online, you might think it is really practical, considering how low it is; almost like buying them from your local market. Don’t get too excited though, as the amount on display might not yet include the shipping cost or even the tax. You can decide once you fully understand the breakdown of the cost. Some companies display how much the lobsters cost including shipping, and others don’t.

  1. Season affects price and quality of lobsters

Buying lobsters during winter can be very expensive. During these months, it is too cold for fishermen and it prevents them from easily catching lobsters. As a result, lobster prices go up. On the other hand, during summer and fall, it is easier for them to catch lobsters, making the price go down. Lobsters also undergo molting, where they lose their shells and get new ones. It is during spring that their shells are the hardest.

  1. Determine how the lobsters are shipped

The quality of lobsters will also be affected by how they are shipped. Some companies are used to handling live animals for shipment. Others treat them like any other package. Companies that have a special contract with a logistics company are better since they can efficiently deal with your order. You want the lobsters to still be fresh and alive when they arrive at your door. Otherwise, they won’t taste good.

Now that you understand how lobsters are ordered online and what you need to remember, it is time to start looking for a reliable company. Check out if you want high quality lobsters delivered to you right away. You will also be given a really affordable price for the lobsters you order.

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