How Uninformed Homeowners can cause Developers Big Headaches, and What to do About it

Not adequately disclosing what lies under the ground is just one way How Uninformed Homeowners can cause Developers Big Headaches

By taking a positive, proactive stance, developers within the homebuilding industry can help to alleviate potential problems.  This can be achieved by educating the public about the importance of home maintenance while raising awareness within the construction community regarding protecting their professional rights and reputations.

The last thing home building developers need are big headaches from dissatisfied customers.  In today’s cut-throat new build world, uninformed homeowners want the very best of everything, competitively priced properties with the latest mod cons.  For developers, any building project should be well planned from the offset.  It’s important to use the right tools especially when:-

  • Digging

  • Trenching

  • Constructing

  • Demolishing

Reputable companies like RME have many years of experience in providing top of the range equipment hire from bobcats to trucks, excavators to block lifting grabs.

Quality of new builds

With the demand of new build properties on the increase again, many construction companies are being asked to build more homes, faster.  The rush from buyers to cash in on government financial property buying incentives has led to a high number of new build complaints.  These include:-

  1. Faulty windows

  2. Doors not closing and opening properly

  3. Holes in the walls

  4. Poor paintwork

Many experts within the construction industry fear that these types of problems are set to rise as uninformed homeowners expect absolute perfection on every aspect of a new build.  Unfortunately this is now a major headache for developers many of whom have found themselves in the situation of having to pay out record sums of money to disgruntled buyers. 

What to do about it

As building firms and developers struggle to meet targets, complaints pile up.  The thing is from a new build company’s point of view, what to do about it.  One of the first priorities should be to find and employ quality staff.  Many firms are finding that, experienced builders quit the industry during the downturn and attracting young professional replacements is proving to be difficult.

The second priority should be to contact reliable mechanical and earthworks specialists to hire the right equipment for the job in hand.  To start a building project off right, check out bobcat and excavator hire in Perth.  There’s a wide range of bobcat and excavator equipment for hire in different sizes and models.

Sometimes within the construction industry getting it right the first time is overlooked.  But let’s face it, getting it right the first time saves money and reduces problems in the future.  Every detail should be taken care of from the offset starting with:-

  • The client getting their needs and brief sorted

  • Architects and consultants professionally preparing drawings and specifications

  • The need for good communication between contractors and clients throughout the new build project

For builders it’s also essential to use good equipment so find out more about excavator hire in Perth. Hiring sound equipment is the way forward.