How to Spot Addiction

What to Look for if You Suspect Addiction in Family and Friends

Addiction is one of the most detrimental aspects of our culture today. It can be found in every country throughout the world, yet not everyone can see the signs. Facilities for drug rehab in Houston and all over the country are readily available, but without the proper education in place to realize addiction when it is staring us in the face, these facilities will go unused by the vast majority of addicts. Here are just a few of the signs you can look for and notice before the addiction becomes too great for the person to overcome.

Separating Themselves

Have you ever wanted to take a friend or family member out for a night out on the town, yet they constantly cancel or tell you they have alternate plans? The reason could be as simple as they do not really feel like it, but it can also be a sign of addiction. The addict does not want anyone to notice their addiction and therefore they will separate themselves from the ones they are supposed to love most. Whether it is from embarrassment or just wanting to have their addiction to themselves, you will notice the separation as a first sign of a problem.

A Noticeable Dependence

An addict is one that is entirely dependent upon the substance whether it is drugs or alcohol. The person will crave their addiction and will do whatever they can to calm the cravings. They may talk incessantly about what they are addicted to and look for every opportunity to take part in it. Alcohol is often easier to see than drugs due to the fact that it is legal to drink provided the person is of the right age. The addict will seek out alcohol at every venue and event they attend without regard for anything else. Just someone having a drink or two every once in a while, is fine provided that is not the only thing they want to drink.

Loss of Interest

When addiction takes over, the addict will begin to become disinterested in activities that they would normally be interested in. The loss of interest is often easy to spot. The person tends to want to stay at home or only engage in activities that they can fuel their addiction. An addiction is the most important aspect of an addict’s life and every activity will revolve around that addiction.

Pattern Changes

People tend to be creatures of habit. The routines of people seem to go under the radar of most observers, but when those normal routines change, there may be a problem. When that addiction digs into the person and takes hold, they may change their routine to better adhere to the activities of the addiction. A change in routine is not always a sure sign of an addiction, but when it is coupled with other signs, it is easy to see.

Addiction is an evil attribute of life, but one that definitely needs our attention. Just because a person has an addiction does not mean that they are weak and they should not be shamed for the addiction. Anyone can be subject to addiction and support is the only way to truly overcome the addiction. Give your friends and family that have addiction the love and support to help them get better and encourage them to seek professional help before the addiction takes their lives from them completely.