How to make money to pay your festival ticket

Money, money, money

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

We all love music and we all love travelling, so the main barriers to stop doing this master plan are either money or responsibilities. Are you thrilled about a festival but you can’t attend for shortage of money? Given that money doesn’t grow in trees, here are some suggestions for a plan B on how to make some bucks quickly, of course with associated risk.

All or nothing

Place some smart bets at a casino. Win some great prizes with Paddypower slots or try your luck playing free bingo at with £10 free, no deposit required. Another option is to play the free slot game at There will be only one outcome possible, all or nothing.

Sell something

Try well-known sites like eBay or Amazon, create an account and put some stuff you don’t use for sale. This could be inconvenient, but it’s quick and easy money. Alternatively, you can hire out your stuff you at the end of the day it will remain yours, on websites like HireJungle.

Go online

There are different ways to make money online easy and quick. You don’t need to have experience whatsoever, but you can fill in surveys, do unskilled jobs on sites like Microworkers, do some article copywriting on freelancer hubs like Odesk, or alternatively keep on searching – you might find something you love to do actually and make some money from it.

Find a job

Always the last option for generation Y, trust me having a job is a good way to make money. Should you already have a job, you can opt for working extra hours or alternatively find out your way locally with a second job.

Buy cheap

Saving is another way of making money. Do an extensive research online and you will be surprised on how much you’ll be able to cut on your festival budget if spending the time to search exhaustively.

The above mentioned are some starting points, but there is a wide spectrum of possibilities you can try out for making extra money and make it happen. Have fun!