How to Keep Your House and Car Safe While Traveling

Keep your house safe while traveling

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

When traveling, it is important to keep your house and car safe because this is possibly the worst time a misfortune can crop up. Coming home from a memorable holiday or a business trip and discovering that something is amiss can be greatly distressing. And since you are likely to make your car your second home while on holiday, it is important to take some precautionary measures to safeguard it and your valuable items.

At the same time, a home or residence left unoccupied while the owner is away can be attempting for thieves and other criminals. You don’t want to receive an alarming call while you are enjoying yourself on a beautiful beach – which can leave you worried about your valuable belongings at home. However, it is important to take particular steps to ensure your residence is safe and sound as you discover what the world has to offer. While most of these simple protective measures will take just a few minute to put in place, they can help you avoid home intrusions, leaking pipes, power surges and much more.

Keep your home safe while traveling

Ask a neighbor to help
An important way to find peace of mind when abroad is to request a neighbor or a friend to watch over your home during your holiday. Ask them to visit your home each and every day to check on the home. Give him or her a spare key so the person can feed your pet, water the flowers and prune the leaves, if need be. Make sure that the person has your contact details in the event of an emergency. If you are leaving two or more individuals visiting your place while you are traveling, make sure that they know each other. You dont want your best friend to fall out with your observant neighbor that you requested to watch over your residence. So beware!

Don’t give a hint on the internet
At a time when almost everyone is quick to talk about their everyday activities on social media, avoid posting something that can inform potential criminals that you are away. Why let everyone know that you are away from your home for a whole month? Be careful, especially when it comes to what you post on Facebook and Twitter while you are away.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights
Avoid leaving your house lights on during your holiday in an attempt to make people think that you are around. Be sure to invest in a good light switch timer, which will turn the lights on and off based on a specific schedule.

Unplug appliances
Unplug your Radio, TV, computer and any other appliances in order to shield them against power surges. This will also help to save electricity as well.

Keep your car safe while traveling

Pay for secure parking
Where you park your car can make the difference between finding your car safe and having your car stolen or broken into while you’re away. Airport parking with Airparks helps gives you peace of mind that your car’s in safe hands and offers services in a number of locations, including Luton Airport parking.

Pack and put your stuff out of sight before you arrive at your destination
Keep any belongings stowed away to not tempt break ins.

Pick your parking space carefully
If you’re not paying for parking, still be aware of the area your car is staying in and how it’s positioned. Is it legal? Is it in an easy spot to get side-swiped?