How to Create a Standout Brand 

When it comes to building a successful business, it is important to create a standout, distinct brand competitors will keep tabs on and customers will remember. Many businesses do not realize they need to dedicate time and energy to creating a brand, as they focus their attention on the business side of things.

Developing a brand is relevant to your business, as it is the thing that will catch customer attention and keep those customers loyal to your business. Many large corporations shell out a lot of money to cultivate a brand, which is something most small businesses cannot afford. Small businesses need a brand that looks professional and put together but with a budget-friendly price tag attached.

Here are a few ways to build a distinctive, standout brand for your business.

Spend Time with Customers 

One of the best ways to create a brand for your business is to speak with customers about their experiences with your company. Many businesses might have an idea of what they want their brand to be, but more often than not, that idea does not resonate with customers. Your customers have made their own interpretations and assumptions about your company based on a variety of factors, including their experience with your employees and the products you sell or services you provide. What is it that drew them to your business in the first place? Their first impression of your business can give you and your business a lot of insight into what your brand should focus on and how it should be represented.

Take the time to interact with customers as often as possible. Many business owners find they have little time to speak with customers, as they are always busy with day-to-day business tasks. However, using the right software or programs, like a salon appointment book, to reduce the amount of time you spend scheduling appointments, sending out memos or reminders, and updating your business social media profiles can offer you the free time you need to reach out to customers and get the feedback you need.

It Starts with a Vision


It can be easy to assume your business’s brand is your product when in reality, the culture you want to cultivate within your company and channel into your brand begins with a vision. There is emotion behind each business; a passion that spawned your idea into a business. What is it you hope to achieve with your business? What do you want customers to think when they walk through your doors? What do you stand for?

All of these questions can help you start to create a brand that sets you apart from everyone else. What makes your business different from your competitors is the unique story behind your vision, success, and history.

Do Not Cave to Pressure

While it is important to listen and learn from customer feedback, if customers, sponsors, or others are asking you to do something you are not comfortable with or you do not feel fits with your company, do not cave to the pressure. Standing up for the integrity of your business will make you true to who your company is and what they stand for, which, incidentally, is developing your brand.

Sticking true to your brand and business will help bring the right customers to your business, as it will bring loyal ones who know what to expect from your business.

Shared Values

If you need a partner in your business, find someone who shares your same vision, passion, and values, otherwise you will run into problems down the road in terms of cultivating your brand. Similarly, if partnering with other companies, it is imperative you find ones that share your same company culture, as you are essentially endorsing another company to your customers. If that company has a hidden dark side, it could hurt your business in the future. Being associated with businesses that do not share your same interests can alienate loyal customers and other businesses from partnering with you in the future.

Creating a brand does not necessarily need to be a large, expensive endeavor. Instead, finding what it is about your company that sets it apart and attracts customers can help you create a unique, standout brand.

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