How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer


Should you ever need a criminal defense lawyer, knowing where and when to do your search is of utmost importance.

For example, in the event you have been charged with a sexual assault, you could be looking at potential jail time among other things. With that weighing on your shoulders, selecting the most qualified lawyer to defend you is a necessity, not a choice.

That said do you know where to even begin your search?

While word-of-mouth references at times work, going to the Internet can end up being the best decision you will make.

So, where will your search take you in finding the best criminal defense lawyer?


Making a Prudent Decision

In order to find the desired legal help to defend you, start by surfing the Internet.

During your hunt, a simple Google search of criminal defense lawyers and sexual assault attorneys in your area will get you various names. From there, reviewing each of the respective legal websites will help you narrow down your selections.

Whether you look at Greater Houston Defense when needing legal help (or those closer to home), remember a few key pointers:

  • History – How long a law firm has been around is crucial. Finding a legal team that has the experience and the know-how to work the court system can’t be overstated. While there are some great young legal minds out there, you typically will want to opt for the more experienced ones. You want someone to lean on, answer all your questions, and give you a better than 50-50 shot of being found innocent;
  • Communication – The last thing you want (or need) in this situation is feeling like no one cares. Your legal team of choice must be able to regularly communicate with you. Whether it is over the phone or emails, you don’t want to be left hanging more times than not. With the money you are paying (see more below) for your defense, mediocre communications is not acceptable;
  • Expenses – While it may be hard for a criminal defense lawyer to pin down exactly what your legal fees will be, they should give you an estimate. If they say they can’t, consider going elsewhere. As important as your legal defense is, you don’t want to get taken to the cleaners by a law firm just looking out for its own financial interests;
  • Verdict – If it looks like your case is not winnable, you should at least have your legal team offer a plea deal. In many cases, someone claiming sexual assault may want to skip having the case go to trial. As a result, you may be able to achieve a plea deal that will limit jail time and/or make it easier for you to clear your record at some point and time.


Making Your Case

How did you get into this mess in the first place?

In some cases, it could have simply been a misunderstanding. In other instances, alcohol may have played a role. In even other situations, you might have ended up being a victim yourself, someone looking for revenge etc.

No matter how you got into this situation, the bigger task at hand is getting out of it.

A successful sexual assault conviction against you can change your life for many years to come.

Not only can it mean possible jail time and significant court costs, but it could lead to the loss of a relationship, friends pulling away from you, and even a job loss. Doing all you can to defend yourself takes on added importance when you factor in those possibilities.

Remember, it all starts and ends with your choice of attorneys.

Unlike other decisions you will make in life as a consumer, selecting the right sexual assault attorney is as important a decision as you’ll ever make.

When all is said and done, will your selection give you piece of mind?