The Traditional Sari: No Longer Just Wedding Attire


New traditions and styles dictate that the traditional Indian garment, the Sari, which is crafted from six yards of fabric and no stiches, can now be worn as an everyday garment, not just for weddings. Getting the right wedding attire is easy when using a professional like Azazie dresses. Now being crafted from simple prints or embellished prints, the sari has come a long way since Maharajas, when Queens adorned themselves in these heavily embroidered saris to show status.

Since this time, the sari has risen to a new level with a number of designers working to create a unique and trend design. Actresses and models from Helen Mirren to Giselle Bundchen have been wearing this attire, making it even more main stream than the designers working to create a new, modern look.

With the evolution of this piece of attire, the Western world is not able to get enough of the sari and seen wearing the clothing to events, festivals and other occasions. Traditional Indian festivals such as the Diwail and Bhai Duj and Dhanteras are not complete without the sari; however, the attire is also being worn to Indian weddings, non-Indian weddings and as bridesmaids dresses for any wedding party that does not want to have to worry with fittings.

The latest rage for the sari is using chiffon or printed georgette to craft the clothing. A number of high-profile designers, such as Satya Paul and Kavita Bhartia are creating these “any time” wear saris, with the latest styles and trends in mind.

The sari makes a perfect gift for men to give their sisters, wife or mother, without having to worry about the fit of the garment.

“The modern sari has opened a new design style and trend that women in the Western world are embracing with open arms,” stated NAME, POSITION of Devil’s Closet. “We have a number of options available to choose from, offering comfort, elegance and beauty, with simple, wrapped fabric.”

While the sari is a traditional Indian garment, the simplicity and elegance of design has attracted designers from all over the world to create these sought after garments. They provide the wearer with attire for a wedding, big event or other purpose. The options that are available are also vast, ranging from simple solid colors, to impressive prints and textures.

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