How to Become an Indie Rock Star?

Wanna become a rock star? Many think that it’s a long shot to get discovered and play in front of people. With the digital media age, you certainly don’t need a Clive Davis or an Ahmet Ertegun to be discovered. All you need to do is an original music (covers could work too for as long as they comply with copyright laws), instruments and upload the music in YouTube or other music sites.

But before you get started, you should realize that while it is now easier to be discovered, preparations are still needed to get you started.

  • Musical Influence

It is very important who your influences are to serve as your own guide in creating your own music. There are a lot of great indie rock bands like Jaguar Love, Oasis, of Montreal, Arcade Fire and many others. These bands are popular. But their popularity shouldn’t turn you off. Their popularity should not influence you and your music, its the quality of the record they provide. Use them as a guide to determine the genre and the kind of tone that you should set on your future records.

  • Play Instruments

Learning how to play musical instruments like the guitar is very important. Any indie song can be written on a guitar (acoustic), transfer to a full composition and still sound amazing.

Once you learned how to properly play these musical instruments, it is time for you to decide which set of musical instruments you should use. Bass and drum would be perfect instruments. You can also add another guitar and a piano as optional instruments.

  • Start writing your songs

Write songs that you are comfortable with. Music that is meaningful. They may not be pop-radio friendly, but who cares right? Your music should put people in a relaxation mode and should make them crave for more.

  • Assemble a band!

Get a bassist and a drummer. Talk to them about your vision for your music and the band. Play your songs with them and have them participate in the songwriting and production process until you get comfortable working with each other. Practice, practice and practice. Play in front of a small crowd (for free) if possible.

Most important of all, come up with a name!

  • Find bars, clubs, restaurants or coffee shops

Get exposure from local venues. Everything starts locally. If you are still studying in high school or college, you may want to wait up for school event where you can play your songs.

  • Record your music

There are a lot of affordable record studios that can help you get with your first CD. It doesn’t matter if the album is an EP [extended play] or LP [long play or full length album]. Burn some copies and sell them to your gigs. Pass them to indie record labels too to add up to your chances of being discovered.

  • Utilize digital and social media

A lot of indie rock artists compete for a slot in a record label. It is totally frustrating to not land a contract immediately, most especially if you are just starting out. That is why while waiting, it is advisable to test the waters of social media. Make use of YouTube. There is a big chance for you to become viral.

Create music videos even when they are only low budgeted. The secret to making an effective music video on YouTube is to become smart, excited and act as if you are performing for a live audience. Be raw and real. And who knows? Even when you can not land a slot on a record label, you might get to sell your record alone.

  • Patience and have fun making your music!