How popular are women in gaming and gambling industry?

The more popular online gaming and gambling is becoming, the bigger number of women are getting interested in it. Which are women’s favorite games? What is it that makes gaming and gambling appealing to ladies? Let’s see what the stats say!

How did ladies got hooked into gaming/gambling?

Back then, it was considered as a man-only leisure time activity. The fact that it was always followed by an annoyingly loud laugh, tons of alcohol and nasty jokes, wasn’t inspiring enough for ladies to join. However, with the rising popularity of online games, women feel more and more relaxed and motivated to check out what’s all the fuss. As time goes by, the stats go in favor of ladies, making them equal in percents. Online casino games bring more privacy than real ones, which perhaps is one of the most significant reasons why women decide to check them out. They have all the time needed to see what are the games like, to test them as many times as they want, without being afraid that someone’s gonna laugh at them. 

Ladies’ favorite games

As with everything, each gender has its own preferences. The same logic goes for choosing an online casino, as well as a favorite game. While men mostly choose games which require strategy and skills, women are more into games of luck. So, if we are to make a top 3 favorite games for each gender, the list would look like this. Ladies prefer to play Bingo, sports betting and online slots (something like, whereas men like sports betting, online poker and online slots. One may say that this is because ladies simply go with the flow, while gentlemen like to control the outcome. Whichever comparison one makes, the bottom line is the same- women are getting more present in online gambling! 

Let’s talk money!

The next difference between men and women in the world of gambling is the amount of money they are willing to spend on games. We could say that women have a more reasonable approach because they mostly determine the amount of money they are ready to spend a week and usually don’t go over that. On the other hand, men quite often go beyond the starting amount and spend double, triple, or even ten times more than that!

Why is that? Perhaps the answer is in the fact that women are still less paid than men, so that’s the reason they have different attitudes towards money. Perhaps they are aware that gambling is nothing but fun, and consequently one shouldn’t spend a whole fortune on it. But, one thing for sure, regardless of the amount of money spent on gambling, both genders enjoy it wholeheartedly! 

How successful are ladies in the gambling industry?

Unfortunately, the discrimination takes place almost everywhere, but the good thing is that things are changing towards positive trends. Women are doing their best to show that they can be equally good as coders and game devs as men are. They do not have the same salaries yet, but as we said, we sincerely hope that trends will continue developing in a positive way. For that reason, we shall name three the most successful ladies in gambling industry- Vanessa Selbst (a professional poker player), Denise Coates (CEO at bet365) and Pansy Ho (Co-Chair of MGM Macau). Them three are motivational examples of how women can be appreciated in this field where men mostly dominate. 

The other side of the medal

Apart from this „having a good fun“ part, online gambling also has some problematic sides. Having in mind that some professions are more demanding, women are trying to find some sort of escape from reality. It is hard to balance between job, family, friends and still manage to find some time for oneself. So, instead of having a drink or two in a wine bar, women turn to online gambling. They believe that the advantage of this kind of escape is that one remains in control, unlike the situations when drinking or using drugs. As long as things are under control, there are no problems, but as soon as gambling becomes a habit, things change. With the constant availability and accessibility, it is hard to resist temptation. That’s why one should be careful and stay within safety limits where gambling remains occasional fun. 

Final thoughts on women and gambling

It’s indeed interesting to know that equality takes place in the gambling industry as well. Regardless of gender, we all have in common a desire to have fun. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t discover the thrilling world of online casinos and games. Fun should be a basic motive for playing, but who knows, if skillful enough, maybe some women can turn it into a profession. All in all, as long as it doesn’t become an addiction, relax and enjoy each spin!