Five Rocking Music Tours For The Musically-Inclined

The genre doesn’t matter- whether you’re a connoisseur of classics who loves anything Vivaldi or Beethoven, or a pop music fan who breathes One Direction and Lady Gaga 24/7- going on a music tour is always great way to spend a vacation. Here are some of the best music tours around the world that people should go to at least once:


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Walkin’ Nashville Music City Legends Tour – Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the home of country music. But the best thing about the Walkin’ Nashville Music City Legends Tour is the tour guide, Bill DeMain, who is also a Grammy-nominated musician and journalist. Bill, being part of the country music scene himself, knows the ins-and-outs of Nashville, plus the hidden secrets that each particular city landmark holds. Tour dates are often set every Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday for April to November; prices are $16 for adults and $10 for kids. More tour schedules and prices can be found at

Manchester Music Tours – Manchester, England

Manchester has always been a memorable place for famous bands like Oasis, The Smiths, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Inspiral Carpets, and New Order. In 2005, Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Hill established the Manchester Music Tours company to provide tourists with guided tours of the historic landmarks that are associated with these bands. Though there are band-specific tours (the Oasis Tour, for example, takes people to Noel Gallagher’s hut, Cranwell Drive, and other places important to the band), the company’s Manchester Music Walk is highly recommended for those who want to see more of these bands in just one go. Included are trips to the Free Trade Hall (where Bob Dylan and The Sex Pistols played historic gigs), G-Mex Centre, and the Boardwalk Club. Price is set at £10 and tour schedules can be found on their website at

Panorama Tours Original Sound of Music Tour -Salzburg, Austria

For fans of Maria and the von Trapp family, the Original Sound of Music Tour is a must-see. The tour consists of a bus ride through some of the locations used for the film, plus a side trip to the lake district of Mondsee. It usually last for about four hours (with an hour-long lunch break) and is priced at €40. Details can be found at the Panorama tours website.

Irish Music Bar Tour – Dublin, Ireland

Held nightly in Wellington Quay, Dublin, the Irish Music Bar Tour is more than just a run-of-the-mill tour. The fun usually starts at 7PM at the Fitzsimons Bar. The tour allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in Irish culture and music. People can jam with some of Ireland’s finest musicians, and learn how to play the tin whistle, a traditional Irish instrument, by themselves. Contact details can be found at

Walking Heads Glasgow Music Tour – Glasgow, Scotland

The Walking Heads Glasgow Music Tour offers a different kind of touring experience. The tour is actually a downloadable app that allows people to discover Glasgow’s music scene (where the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol came from) at their own leisurely pace. No need to hire tour guides- all you need is an mp3 player or smartphone and you’re on your way. The app can be downloaded from the Walking Heads website at

Travel and music always go together. A place’s culture is clearly reflected in its music. You can give these tours a try, and hear how their music can change your life forever.