Enjoy london

Enjoy London may be an expensive place to go to for a vacation, but that doesn’t mean travellers on a budget cannot enjoy this English capital. It is possible to see London affordably if you know where to go and what places can give you free activities you can enjoy.

When in London, the first thing you should do is to buy a travel card. This will help you save much on transportation and you could use it in trains, buses, and trams. The London transit system could prove to be expensive if you buy tickets individually. The travel card will go along way, and sometimes, there are extra perks that go with each purchase of a travel card, especially for the tourists.

Most would assume that the best way to move from place to place in London is to use the train. You should know that London is best viewed on foot. London is a walkable place and doing that will allow you to spend more time appreciating everything that is London – the sights, the historical centres, secret gardens, and other significant landmarks in the city. Walking will also save you much on transportation.

Here are some ideas for the London tourist on a budget:

o Municipal museums and art galleries in London are free of charge. Check out the famous stopovers like the British Museum, National History Museum, Tate, National Gallery, and the National Portrait Gallery.

o Explore the many parks and greeneries. Go up the Primrose Hill to view the city skyline.

o Tour the 17th century Kenwood House in North London

o Do not miss the changing of guards at the Buckingham Palace. This is one of more famous must-sees in London that are free of charge.

o Instead of going to the designer shops, which flood London, you can go to the famous markets like the Borough Market. This is located under the London Bridge and it is the place to go for those who love food and eating.

o Visit the market on a Saturday for the stalls that sell a lot of organic food, yummy pastas, cheeses, and tasty and meaty meals. Markets include the Smithfield’s, and the Old Spitalfields Market.

o For those who would like to shop for clothes, the less expensive places to go to are Portobello, Camden, and Petticoat Lane markets. Aside from clothes, you would also find vendors of DVDs, antique furniture, and some souvenirs or novelty items.

o For those who would like to experience the theatres of London, it is important that you check online sites like the Discount London Theatre, which sells theatre tickets at really cheap prices.

o It will also help you save money if you have booked your vacation early.

Aside from hotels in sutton coldfield, London also offers cheaper accommodations. There are hostels that can be your cheaper alternatives to hotels.

o Book your hostel accommodations early. They usually fill up during Fridays and Saturdays. These hostels get booked 2 weeks before so, it really is important that you carefully plan your London vacation in order to save more money.