How To Encourage Children To Clean Their Teeth

Visiting the dentist is everyone’s least favourite chore. Having your yearly check-up, whether it is at a Finchley Dentist or elsewhere, is a lot more painful if you haven’t been taking proper care of your teeth. Most adults know this but they might have difficulty getting their children to understand the importance of brushing their teeth for good oral health and hygiene. Here’s how to encourage your children to brush their teeth every day.

Novelty Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Themed toothbrushes based on your children’s favourite characters might seem like a waste of money but it is surprising how much difference something so simple can make. Making teeth brushing fun for your children with a musical or colourful toothbrush can ensure that they are brushing their teeth twice a day. Novelty toothpaste can have the same effect. Many children don’t like the taste of minty toothpaste so try to find an alternative with a fun flavour, like strawberry, watermelon or banana. Make sure that they are involved in the choosing process so that they feel they have made a decision and feel special.

Brush Your Teeth At The Same Time

Most children learn by example, so if they see you brushing your teeth every day at the same time as them they will be encouraged to keep up the habit. Plus, you will be able to show them the correct brushing technique and how long to do it for. Try to make it fun in your own way, maybe by pulling faces, putting music on or humming while you brush your teeth.

Explain Why It’s Important

Children are curious and love to know why they are doing something, so take the time to explain to them why brushing their teeth every day is important. Make sure you explain it in a fun way, perhaps use the help of a book, online game or TV show which will give your children some reasons to brush their teeth.

Let Them Brush Your Teeth

Sometimes the only way to encourage your children is to let them get messy. Let your children brush your teeth so they can see how it is done, this will give show them that brushing their teeth isn’t a chore. You might need to clean up afterwards but hopefully the effect this has will be worthwhile. Additionally, you might need to re-brush your teeth afterwards in order to make sure that you have done a proper job.

Offer Rewards

If all else fails, it’s okay to provide your children with an incentive to brush their teeth. You don’t have to choose an elaborate present or offer money as a motivator for brushing their teeth as this would be over the top. Why not create a sticker chart or let your children choose a book to read at bedtime as a reward? This will help them to associate the behaviour with a positive result, meaning that, eventually, they will no longer need to reward.