3 Best Social Media Innovations of the month of August

Social media companies are enhancing the features on their platforms to give users the best experience.

Give your friends money on their birthdays via Facebook

On August 16, the social media giant announced a new feature. The feature allows you to send money to your Facebook friends on their birthdays. However, the money is for a charitable cause, therefore, the money is donated to non-profit or charitable organizations. Facebook birthdays can now be celebrated in style by contributing to a good cause. A dollar amount can be added to those good birthday wishes. Facebook realized that it is more than just a social media company bringing people together, but its users can be a family that can make the world a better place. Users in the United States are able to create a fundraiser for any cause on your birthday. The birthday fundraiser includes the amount you wish to raise and a custom message. Your friends are notified inviting them to donate to that cause. The organizations including south african casinos registered with Facebook Payments are able to receive the donation. For non-registered organizations, donations can be transferred electronically.

WhatsApp announces a colour text-based status

The concept behind this new feature is that colours can aid to express your status in a better and funnier way. A colour text-based feature enables users to update their status in a more fun personal way. It is a customizable feature which allows users to choose the desired font, background colour or even links when uploading their statuses.

Facebook app now allows you to take 360-degree pictures and set as covers

Just bought a 360-degree camera device? You can now enjoy its capabilities thanks to the new Facebook app. It is about time that the top online casinos also upgraded their services. The social media giant unveiled the app that allows you to show all your surroundings in one picture starting on 23 August. New Facebook app now supports you to take 360-degree pictures and set them as a cover photo on your page. A 360-degree photo album is automatically created on your timeline.