Creative Ways For You to Pass Your Time Online

Despite the internet being one of the most powerful communication tools in the World, a portal that can offer almost every piece of known information on the planet and a system that can offer capability beyond belief, I too often find myself scrolling through Twitter or watching videos of conspiracy theories on YouTube to pass the time. I know that the internet has far more capability than I am giving it credit for when I pass my time in such a way but for me, there is almost too much opportunity and I just can’t decide what to do.

Last week I decided to find some more adventurous things to do online and decided that I’d put together a little list in case you have found yourself in the same situation as me.

Make YouTube Videos

Creating your own awesome YouTube channel like Peter Benedict  and uploading, making cool videos or sharing things you like is a great way to do something different online. Using Youtube for this side of things rather than watching videos is a lot of fun, you can express yourself and you can connect with people who love your videos.

Play Games

The internet has an incredible number of games available which you can play from old school classics like Sega and Nintendo games to super addictive games made for the net. Regardless of whether you like action, strategy, puzzle or sports games, the internet has it all. Be careful when playing online games because they can be ridiculously addictive and you may end up getting a little bit too hooked

Create a Website

In the past the only people who the skills to create a website were those who had an understanding of coding, these days things have changed and just about anyone can create a website with simplicity. Whatever your idea for a website is you can head to sites like WordPress where you can purchase a domain and use the tools that they have available to create a beautiful website. Once your website is created you can spend some time on uploading articles or photographs on a theme of your choice.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

The internet is the best how-to guide on the planet, whatever skill or hobby you have always wanted to learn, you can do so easily online with guide videos or walk through articles. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to play the saxophone or how to do a magic trick, maybe you want to learn how to juggle or even how to do a science experiment. Whatever it is that you want to do you simply need to head to Google, search for your chosen skill and invest some time learning it.

These are just a few creative things which you can do the next time that you are online, just remember the amount of power that you have in your hands when you are online  and try not to spend all of your time on social media.