Common Misconceptions about PDF Software

There are many misconceptions about PDF Software of which you should be aware

There is nothing that is more outdated in an office or other business than having to keep paper copies of everything. The majority of offices have made the move to a digital document management system due to the efficiency it offers. In many cases, SodaPDF software is the ideal solution.

However, even though modern PDF software has been proven as a reliable and versatile application for the creation of digital documents, there are still some misconceptions about it. Getting to know what these misconceptions are can help you better understand what this software is capable of.

The Free Options are as Good as the Paid Ones

Even though there are a few free options that allow you to print while in PDF format, and the majority of the word processing applications available today have this as a built in feature, there is no substitution for true PDF software.

If you use the free version, it is going to create a version of the PDF document that cannot be changed in any way. With software you can create a document that those who receive it can actually sign digitally, change the layout of the document, edit the layout, images and text, create a document through collaboration and even create forms that those who receive it can fill out.

PDF Software is too Costly

When you compare the cost of the software to the price tags that go along with desktop publishing software and enterprise grade processing, then the PDF service is much lower. Even if you purchase it alone, the PDF software option is going to beat what it costs for modern word processors.

Even though it may not provide all of the features, PDF software can handle the core jobs of a desktop publishing suite, as well as a word processor. This means that you only have to purchase a single application to manage and train users with.

It is Much Better to Create Documents than Converting it to PDF Format

In the past, there were some people who did not have access to any type of PDF software. As a result, there were documents that were created and then converted by the same person. However, as time has passed, PDF software has become much more affordable and much easier to use. Also, there are more features than ever before, which makes it extremely accessible to use in the workplace.

If you use PDF software as the main tool to make documents and forms, you will find it is an extremely easy process. Even a novice user will find that it is very easy to insert both video and images into their documents and then edit the layout and customize the entire page. With such a wide array of tools available, PDF software, it makes more sense. It can all be done to begin with.

Now that you know the truth about PDF software, you can see how many benefits it offers. It could be quite beneficial for you and your business.