Common Challenges IT Specialists Encounter with Incident Management

Implementing an incident management process can be very beneficial to any company as it can help to make sure that there are measures in place should anything go wrong. Of course, for an IT specialist, this process is not always easy and there are some common challenges that can come up.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the common challenges IT specialists might encounter with incident management. Keep reading to find out more.

Training Staff

One of the biggest problems with adding an ITIL incident management system to your company can be the staff that are going to need to use the system. It can often be difficult to teach people new things and explain to them why they need to change over to a new system. To overcome this challenge, you should keep any staff involved in the process from the beginning of the implementation. Keep communication levels up and educate people clearly on the new system.


Every organisation is different and so it is unlikely that the implementation of an ITIL incident management system is going to be easy. For larger businesses that are always growing, this implementation can be increasingly complex. To overcome this challenge, IT specialists need to make sure that they are staying on top of any ITIL incident management implantation and are being proactive rather than reactive. This can help to reduce the complexity should something happen that puts the organisation at risk.


Are you struggling to get your management to buy-in to your incident management system? This is a common problem that many IT specialists struggle with, but it is relatively easy to get management on board when you let them know the benefits to their company. Keep the explanation simple and show them exactly how an incident management system could boost the way that the organisation operates. This should help you to overcome this challenge and get the management on board.

Assigning Roles

The final challenge that an IT specialist might come across in ITIL incident management is in assigning the roles and responsibilities to the team. There are many different roles that need to be assigned and everyone should know exactly what they are responsible for. To overcome this challenge, you can use a RACI matrix which can work really well. Don’t leave this to the last minute as unclear instructions can only make this process even more complicated.

Final Verdict

As an IT specialist who is trying to implement an ITIL incident management system, it can be very difficult. There are many challenges that you will come across during the process but as long as you take on board all of the advice that we have given you then you should be able to overcome these easily enough. Think about how you will plan the implementation, get management on board and assign roles in a logical way to improve the way in which your organisation operates.