Gadget Guru – 6 Must-Haves for a Productive Office in 2019

Productive Office

Productivity equals profit, and what business owner doesn’t want to have a far fatter bottom line than they do now? Rather than cut costs, skimp on the simple pleasures and employ less staff, why not focus on making those you already have more productive? Here’s how to do it with gadgets in 2019.


A Unified Communication System

Imagine being able to take calls for your office anywhere in the world – and from any device – all using one phone number? That’s the reality when you consider a PBX phone system. Instead of missing valuable calls because you’re out of the office, you can make and take them from anywhere. You could be sunning yourself on the sands of a tropical island, and your client could think you’re in your dimly-lit office cubicle. Such a system can transform your workplace.  


Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Before your employees end up with a severe case of computer rage, consider how investing in an integrated workplace management software system (IWMS) could make their day far less stressful and more productive. Computers can often struggle to handle so much of their processor power being sucked up by hungry programs. Instead of using a handful of different programs to do your daily tasks, you can have only one. IWMS systems are custom-built programs that incorporate all your daily processes into one easy-to-use platform. Manage every part of your business while inevitably cutting down on frustration and downtime.

Time Trackers

If you want to get to grips with how much your team achieves to maximize efficiency, then consider time trackers. While you may like to discuss the benefits of such software with your team before you install it, so they don’t think you’re snooping, it’s an excellent way in which to accurately charge out client time and ensure you are placing fair expectations on your staff.


Dual Screens

Did you know you can save as much as two and a half hours every day, merely by having a second monitor? Therefore, if you want to ensure your office is as productive as possible, consider investing in additional monitors for the office staff. They can work on one and read off the other, saving countless hours every year in flipping between screens.


An Ergonomic Setup

Keyboard and mouse-related fatigue can kill productivity in an instant. The more time you spend taking breaks and rubbing your fingers and wrists, the less time you spend doing your job. If productivity is a problem, it might be time to invest in your team’s health with an ergonomic setup. Ensure they have the best ergonomic mouse money can buy, a wrist-supporting keyboard, and a chair with lumbar support. You may also like to invest in a workplace assessment to ensure everyone sits at their desk correctly.


Cloud Apps

If you find yourself relying too heavily on your local server to do your job, then it’s time to make a change. Working with a local server limits your ability to work on the road or collaborate with your team – both of which can increase productivity and reduce the risk of data loss. Consider working in the cloud instead of on the computer itself.

If you know that your business could be operating more efficiently, then it’s time to make a change. Consider any of these must-have tools above and transform your workplace’s productivity. The potential for a more lucrative bottom line should be more than enough incentive to get the ball rolling.