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About Official Liteblue USPS Web Portal

The USPS society has now turned out to be coordinated to the web and progressively sorted out with the assistance of the LiteBlue Portal administrations. We will brief you on the Website Information here with the goal that you…

3 Best Animated Series To Watch On Netflix

South Park at one point was a revolution. An animated series aimed specifically at adults, that was so irreverent as to be blatantly offensive 70% of the time. It shocked some. Others were cynical. Plenty of people loved it (which…

Liz at TORO Garage Sessions

Liz dropped by the TORO Garage during the Canadian Music Week (a very busy week!!!) for a solo acoustic performance of Quarry Hymns. Check her performance at TORO Garage here. Image courtesy of Toro Magazine.

Quarry Hymns Official Music Video

Watch the official music video of Quarry Hymns from the band’s 2nd full length album Cloak and Cipher. Catch the video below!        

Catch The Interview with ExploreMusic!

The band sat down for an interview with ExploreMusic and chatted about their musical influences, the album Some Are Lakes, tours, being nominated for the Juno Video of the Year award and many plans for this year. Plus, the performance…

Playing Quarry Hymns for La Blogotheque Take Away Show

The band played the song “Quarry Hymns” from the album Cloak and Cipher for La Blogotheque in Montreal. Looks like they had fun doing the video. And saw the last part where they had to run from the security? :)

Young Bridge Performed for Q’s Live Friday Show

The band performed another song for CBC Q’s Friday Live. This is one of the three tracks they performed from the album Some Are Lakes. The track’s title is Young Bridge. Watch the video below!