Can what you wear affect your golf game?

As with any sport, there are a number of clothing companies who claim their equipment and their clothing can help you play better. But what effect does ‘performance clothing have on your game?’ Here, we take a look at how to get the best out of your golf game – and see if what you wear can actually affect how you play.

Check the course

Firstly, we must offer one word of warning to those looking to purchase the more expensive options when it comes to performance clothing. Do check with the course you’re playing what the dress code is – we’d hate you to spend big on all the latest golf gear, only to turn up to your game and be turned away from the club for breaching the dress code.

Comfort and fit

Of course, it’s essential that you feel comfortable when playing golf. Anything too tight or restrictive is sure to have an effect on how you feel and will distract your mind from the task in hand – getting that all important swing right. Likewise, something too baggy will catch on your arms when you swing. Choosing something along the lines of the Nike golf polo shirt or a Nike golf blade collar shirt, which strikes the balance between fitted and non-restrictive, which should allow you to play in comfort. When it comes to pants, it’s best to play in something that allows you enough movement to comfortably walk the course, but again, doesn’t feel too loose and baggy. All the big brands claim their trousers can help you move better, but our advice is to try a few different types and see how comfortable you feel in each. For shoes, there’s really nothing worse than playing in uncomfortable footwear, so be sure to try a variety of different types of shoe before deciding what suits you best.


This brings us firmly onto the performance aspect of golf wear. One thing that many golfers swear by on the course is sweat wicking material. This allows you to walk the course on a blazing hot day and put your all into your swing whilst looking (and feeling) cooler than you would in the standard polo shirt. Adidas’ Puremotion trousers claim to give you a full range of motion, whereas Nike’s weatherised pants will provide you more comfort if you’re playing in wetter weather. For shoes, again, it really is a matter of preference. Some golfers swear by expensive brands such as Footjoy, who claim their footwear makes for an easier transition through their swing, whilst others insist on spikes for a wet course to prevent slipping. The consensus on many of the golfing forums is, however, that skate style shoes are better for balance, which is vital as you reach the top of your swing. If you don’t have proper balance at the point of transition, you’ll struggle to square the clubface properly. The reason many golfers prefer the skate style shoes is that they are set with a flat sole, which makes it easier to grip on the toes.

Look good + Feel good = Play better

Lastly, a lot of confidence can be gained by knowing you look good on the course. As with anything these days, image matters, and if you turn up to a tournament looking style and performance savvy and feeling good about the way you look, this can bring with it a confidence that can have the added effect of helping you play better. Turn up looking (and feeling) less than game ready, however, and you could start off your round on the back foot, especially if everyone else has got it right.

No two golfers are the same, and what suits you best may not suit your opponent, so check out all the options before purchase, try your clothing on, and you’re sure to make a choice that’s right for you – allowing you to be comfortable, stylish and confident as you play.