Best Games of 2019

As the year draws to an end, it’s time we paid some homage to the best video games we had the opportunity to enjoy. Since the gaming industry is one of the most beloved and exciting industries out there, it’s no wonder it had us covered throughout the year. Some well-loved franchises have been brought back into the spotlight. There were also some new games that earned their place in players’ hearts.

So, no matter if you’re a console player or you’re more of a PC gamer, chances are that this year you had the chance to enjoy some good fun. With so many good titles and such a variety of genres, you’ve probably had no issues finding something to suit your gaming taste. That said, here are some of the most popular games we had the chance to enjoy this year.


Ever since they were first created, RPGs have been quite a popular choice among gamers. The sheer opportunity to become someone else – at least for a bit – and enjoy creating your own story seems to be very appealing. This year, we’ve been delighted with games such as the Outer Worlds and Kingdom Hearts 3. Both of these have well-written storylines and character development, which makes them true gems among all the new releases.

Third-person shooters

Another popular genre, third-person shooter games, also got a couple of titles to compete with. With titles such as the World War Z and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare chances are you had a very exciting year. The thing that sets these games apart from the rest is the fact that developers focused so heavily on realistic outcomes and scenarios. The realistic approach to fights and problem-solving made players feel more immersed in the world around them.

Online slot games

For those who prefer a more laid-back approach to gaming, there are some wonderful and interesting online slot games that came out this year. Dead or Alive 2 and Magic of Sahar are two of many other titles worth mentioning. Online slot games are such a popular choice because not only do they offer captivating gameplay, but they also offer massive rewards. So, if you ever decide to try your luck with slot games, make sure you check some of these titles out.

Action-adventure games

For those players who enjoy a bit more action-packed game, we have some delightful titles. The Legend of Zelda released for the Nintendo Switch is an excellent remastered version of the 1998 original. This title managed to attract both new players and those who enjoyed some good old nostalgia. On the other hand, Death Stranding was hugely awaited title that certainly did not disappoint. This futuristic game with an excellent plotline and plenty of high-action content will certainly become one of the favourites.

Battle royale games

Furthermore, battle royale games also got some refreshing new titles. First of all, we have Apex Legends. This game came virtually out of nowhere and became super popular practically overnight. Not only is Apex Legends super fun and enjoyable but the best thing is that’s also free to play. Next, Tetris 99 delighted all those who enjoy this ever-popular game with new animation and online multiplayer option.

Horror games

Finally, horror games are not necessarily their own genre, but the fact is that they are some gems waiting for the lovers of this type of gaming. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, an interactive drama survival horror video game is an excellent choice for all the horror connoisseurs. Here, players are presented with an unfinished story and are asked to complete it through their decisions. Until Dawn is another interesting title that is jam-packed with adventure and will certainly have you on the edge of your seat.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that listing the best games of the year can be a bit tricky. Some of our top choices might not vibe with your personal style of gaming. But that’s why the world of gaming is so beautiful – there is certainly something suited for everyone’s taste. If you’re a gamer yourself, you’ve probably already made a similar list of your own. So, we can all just sit back, relax and look forward to the new year and all the amazing titles that are yet to come.