6 Types Of Cargo Pants Every Man Must Own

What if we told you these loose fitting trousers are one of the best bets for summers and are also suitable for tough outdoor activities? 

Yes, we are certainly talking about CARGO PANTS

FYI: Cargo pants were officially made for the military in the 1930s. It has been quite some time now that these baggy trousers have become a fashion staple and are being donned by men almost everywhere. 

Today, these pants are the first choice of men when it comes to choosing a casual ensemble. But, you can FLAUNT THEM RIGHT only if you know all about it. 

To fill in your knowledge gaps, we have mentioned below the DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARGO PANTS available. 

# Slim Fit Cargo Pants

Gone are the days when you were aware of the cargo pants that were baggy. The slim-fit cargo pants have made an entry into the industry and trust us, these look pretty stylish! 

These are just perfect for your modern street style outfit but with a twist, and that is, the slim aesthetic of it. 

Pair them up with a lightweight shirt and add tan coloured loafers to your outfit. There’s nothing better than this for your casual summer outing. 

# Cargo shorts

As the name suggests, these are loose fitting shorts that go with almost anything that’s toned down. 

That being said, these are perfect for everyday. Hence, you must invest in a khaki coloured shorts right away and wear it with a plain white tee and your favourite sneakers. 

Carry a backpack as it’ll be a great addition to this ‘boy next door’ look! 

# Cargo Jogger Pants

If you are eyeing an interesting mix of streetwear and sportswear, then cargo jogger pants should be your pick. 

Both of these styles have gained traction over the last few years and the amalgamation of these two seems inevitable. 

So, if you’re looking to style your favourite cargo jogger pants, rely on a plain black tee or any basic dark coloured tee (if your cargo jogger pants are of course, light-coloured) and converse sneakers. 

# Designer Cargo Pants

Cargo pants as designer wear?

We get it. We were also astonished the same way when we heard about it first! 

But, it is actually a thing. In fact, these are becoming increasingly popular. Today, brands are producing more and more designer cargo pants and they look so cool. 

So, if you come across anything alike, don’t be surprised again! 

# Cargo Jeans

Cargo jeans are as tricky to pull off as their name. 

It’s denim that is synonymous with jeans since the very beginning. And, when we hear about cargo jeans, we are laid by amazement. 

They are generally bolder versions of trousers and are definitely a statement piece. One thing to keep in mind is that these come with a lot of detail hence, the outfit can end up something cluttered. 

To prevent this from happening, keep it simple by sticking to a regular sweatshirt and platform trainers along. 

# Ripstop Cargo Pants

As already known, ripstop fabrics are woven fabrics that are made using nylon with a special technique that keeps any form of rips and tears at bay. Thus, they are the most durable items any man can ever own! 

However, the material is extremely lightweight and is perfect to don in summers. Just pair it with a plain tee and sneakers and you are good to go! 

Final Word

Cargo pants have become one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing and are the biggest trends of the season. In fact, they are here to stay. Whether you prefer something plain or the one that dates back to the military style, there is something for everyone. 

Talking about the military personnel out there, they just love these trousers. One, because they are very comfortable. Two, because their Blackhawk holsters fit perfectly with them.