5 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs

A successful woman is always a strong-willed and hardworking person. It is necessary to have intellectual and business qualities in order to be able to build something without outside help. It is customary to see male representatives at the head of the lists of the most influential people on the planet. They run a business and earn multi-million dollar fortunes.

If it comes to rich women, we usually imagine famous models or actresses. But there is another type of women who have earned billions with their own business. Let’s talk about those women who managed to achieve the greatest success in entrepreneurship.

1. Iris Fontbonne

Iris was the wife of a billionaire from Chile who had a mining company. Now she is 76 years old. The woman is actively involved in the business. And her capital is estimated at $20 billion. Iris Fontbonne began to become interested in business when her husband was alive. She was involved in the development of Quineco beverage production and opened a chain of hotels in Croatia. Her husband supported her in everything. Thanks to her active interest in business, after the death of her husband, she didn’t squander his capital but increased it. According to Forbes, she is one of the richest women on the planet in 2019. Well, she is successful. They only thing she lacks is love but she, most likely, isn’t puzzled by the question finding love at 60 is it really never too late? She knows that it is possible.

2. Michelle Monet

Michelle Monet is an ex-model. So, she was never shy about advertising her products herself. Photos of the businesswoman in Ultimo lingerie adorned many publications. She founded her production company MJM International Ltd in 1996. The woman spent money inherited from her mother-in-law. Monet’s husband became a co-owner of the enterprise. Three years later, Michelle patented the design of the Ultimo bra and opened the first store. In 2000, Ultimo lingerie gained enormous popularity when Julia Roberts played the title role in the film Erin Brockovich in it. The whole collection was sold out in 24 hours.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kardashian calls herself a serial entrepreneur and states that ambition is her middle name. As a teenager, Kim bought shoes on eBay and resold them a little more expensive. 13 years ago, one famous singer turned to her for a consultation – the superstar needed a personal stylist. Kardashian agreed. The client base began to grow, and soon the stylist herself became a star. Self-promotion is what helps Kim Kardashian make progress both in the television career and in business.

4. Susanne Klatten

The richest businesswoman in Germany is 57 years old. Her fortune is estimated at almost 19 billion dollars. Susanne Klatten and her brother are the holders of half of the BMW promotional package. After the death of her father, she inherited a 50.1% stake in the Altana pharmaceutical company and brought it to the world market, turning it into a world-class corporation. The richest woman in Germany successfully runs a business, not forgetting to spend her free time with family.

5. Taylor Spellman

A spectacular blonde with no special education but with a passion for interior design decided that male customers would prefer her services. In 2008, she created her own design bureau and stated that only her company would furnish the dwellings of bachelors. “It doesn’t matter how old a guy is and who he works with, his apartment will need to be redone in any case,” the experienced designer believes. Over the years, Spellman runs three branches of her company – in New York, Washington, and Connecticut.