A Party for your Taste Buds in Melbourne

A Party for your Taste Buds in Melbourne

For travellers who rate destinations based on the food experiences they have, Melbourne is without a doubt one of the best cities to visit. With an abundance of affordable as well as high quality eateries, it is known to be home to one of the maximum number of Michelin star restaurants in the world.

Eating out in Melbourne

Eating out is a lot more affordable here than it is in parts of Western Europe. You can find a host of excellent eateries through the inner suburbs. Restaurants and cafes serving high quality food from all over the world are found in the central city, Carlton, Victoria Street and South Bank Areas.

The suburbs are also best known for serving English style fish and chips. Throughout the city it is easy to find outlets that serve souvlaki and gyros.

Some of the popular cuisines that can be found here include:

African Food

Around Nicholson Street, Racecourse Road and Footscray, it is possible to find a concentration of African cafés and establishments that serve coffee and Ethiopian food.

Australian Cuisine

If you are looking for local delicacies such as emu and kangaroo meat, you will have to visit a high-end fine dining venture where they serve these as a speciality item.


Surprisingly, Chinese cuisine is a rather old tradition in the city and you can find a host of quality restaurants that serve it. Evidently many of these are in China Town, in the city centre and Little Bourke Street. Most of the food served here originates from the southern (Cantonese) school of cooking. However, you can also find dumplings and dim sums in many restaurants.

In addition to this, explore the diverse food culture of this city by exploring some of the best Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kosher, Malaysian, Thai, Middle Eastern, and Vietnamese restaurants the city has to offer. It is also possible to find establishments that serve exotic cuisines such as Argentinian and Burmese dishes.

Melbourne tries to fit the entire globe onto your plate. The only way you can truly make time for all these culinary delights is, if you choose to rent a vehicle of your own. Hertz for instance, offers GPS enabled car rentals that allow visitors to get around like a local without wasting any unnecessary time.

You are in for a treat in Melbourne!