Roofing on Sunshine Coast, QLD Resources

In Queensland, you have numerous chances for severe storms, cyclones, tornadoes and more. Unfortunately, these storms can not only tear down houses and ruin vehicles and windows, but more importantly, they can damage your roofing. When this happens, you want to use one of the best roofing resources in all of Sunshine Coast (we’ll get to that later), and you’ll notice that there are a million choices to choose from. In this guide though, we’re going to tell you how to pick the right resource for your needs when it comes to getting a roof replacement or even just standard roof repair.

Why Do I Need my Roof Repaired or Replaced?

First off, if your roof is about 20 years old, or you’re wanting something more sturdy, you probably are in need of a roof replacement or repair. Roofing materials are only meant to last so long, and the average lifespan of even shingles is about 20-25 years. 

If you endure bad storms, it may not even be the storm itself that damages your house. Fallen tree branches, and even leaves can deteriorate your roof and shingles. Your gutters can even get clogged and the backed up water can actually seep up to your roof and cause damage to the shingles, the insulation below them, and even cause your roof’s joists to rot. When this happens, you’ll need to consider hiring a roofing contractor as soon as possible to avoid more damage, or even mold damage which can become deadly.

What to Look For In a Roofing Company

In Queensland, as the emergency repair crews start flocking from all over the nation, and even the continent, you’ll want to consider not even giving them a look. With that being said, if you’re in the Sunshine Coast, then stick with Sunshine Coast roofers. Make sure they have the valid certifications and contractor’s licenses, but most importantly, get their proof of insurance (and throw them to the curb – not literally) if they end up not being able to provide that for you. 

Look for Extra Guarantees

Some companies offer service and parts guarantees on the items they supply, as well as they work. Other companies offer to provide a 100 percent cleanup, and swear that you won’t even realize they were there by the time the job is complete. There are some (which are the best by the way) that can offer both solutions in one package, and even have some very reasonable prices for everybody they serve. They’ll have the most reviews that can back up their claims as well.


In the event that you need a specially dedicated team of roofing contractors to give you the best service, roofing materials and technology out there regarding more than just your normal methods of hammers, nails, and shingles. If you’re on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll see that Dragon Sunshine Coast can offer everything that we’ve covered in this guide of what to look for in a roofer and will make sure they can do everything you request.