8 Gift Ideas For An Awesome Entrepreneur In Your Life

Entrepreneurs live a very busy life. They spend most of their time working, so they don’t often have time to think about themselves.

Nevertheless, they still appreciate gifts from time to time – after all, they are still human, even if you never see them do anything else apart from working.

It also shows that you are still thinking of them during this important part of their life.

Hopefully they become a success so they can buy whatever they want in the future, but for the time being, here are 8 gift ideas for an awesome entrepreneur in your life.

1. At-Home Health Testing Kit

Health comes before anything else. There are so many stresses with entrepreneurship that can have an impact on their health and livelihood.

An entrepreneur must be fit and healthy to overcome any of these hurdles that may block their path to success.

With this imaware™ at-home testing kit, entrepreneurs can keep a close eye on their health.

It only takes a few minutes to complete. The kit is sent to their mailing address and all they need to do upon receiving it is draw a small blood sample before shipping it back.

They will get the results very quickly after using it so they won’t have to worry about cancelling meetings or missing a deadline. It’s all online for ultimate convenience – an entrepreneur’s dream.

The results are all verified by real doctors too so they can be sure they are accurate and reliable.

2. Pedometer

Thanks to their busy lifestyle, entrepreneurs may find it tough to get enough exercise during the day. Doctors recommend around 10,000 steps a day to stay fit and healthy/

But considering how little time entrepreneurs for anything except work, they need a way to keep an eye on steps to ensure they are keeping their body moving as much as possible.

A pedometer is the answer to this problem and makes an awesome gift for an entrepreneur. They tack of all steps during the day and the distance travelled.

Plus, they don’t cost too much nowadays either – you can pick up some of the best pedometers for less than $20.

3. Water Bottle

Not a plastic one, but a water bottle that can be reused for years. Entrepreneurs must stay hydrated throughout the day.

Due to the amount of work, they can find it easy to miss a meal or two, not to mention pretty much living on copious amounts of coffee.

For these reasons, they must have something to take with them every day and keep fluids up

A reusable water bottle is the perfect solution, such as this Kool8 water bottle. This particular model is stylish and has great insulating properties that keep water cool throughout the day.

4. Coffee Machine

On the back of the previous gift idea, a coffee machine would also make for a great gift idea for an entrepreneur.

At the beginning of their journey, chances are they aren’t making too much money, but they always seem to be buying a cup of coffee or two every day.

Getting them a coffee machine will mean they can keep the spending down and enjoy a good brew every day.

Depending on the brand, this may be more on the expensive side but it’ll be worth the investment. They will remember your gesture and the money that you save the entrepreneur will likely come back to you.

5. Audible Membership

One of the main things entrepreneurs are told to do is to read many books. People like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have all said they read tonnes of books during their way to the top.

But again, entrepreneurs may not find enough time in the day to read – and when they do, they feel too tired to take anything useful away from it.

You can solve this problem with the gift of an Audible membership.

Instead of reading, they can just listen to the information. This works well because they can stick in their earphones and listen while they work, absorbing the value and implementing it right then and there.

6. Portable Chargers

Whether it’s commuting to the next meeting or setting up in a coffee shop for a change of scenery, entrepreneurs need a way to keep their devices powered.

In the digital world, no battery means no way to make money.

A portable charger makes for the ideal gift for an entrepreneur. By keeping their smartphones and tablets charged, they can view and reply to emails and listen to an audiobook without worrying about losing battery halfway through.

There are loads to choose from and, once again, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one that works like a charm.

7. Star Map

This is more of a personalized and sentimental gift idea for an entrepreneur rather than something they can practically use.

Star maps are cool posters that incorporate what the stars in the sky would have looked like at a particular time and place.

To make it personal to them, you could select the date that they first started the company, the time that they made their first sale or the place that they came up with the idea of starting a business in the first place.

This idea comes from Twinkle In Time and is something to consider the next time you are buying a gift for an awesome entrepreneur in your life.

8. Self-driving Vacuum

This gift idea once again plays on the idea that entrepreneurs don’t have much time for anything apart from their work. This means that they may not be paying as much attention to cleaning as they probably should be.

However, you can take all these problems with one simple but highly effective gift.

This self-driving vacuum is controlled by an app and will clean the floor at the touch of a button. Even using it just once a week can make a big difference, especially if they have clients coming into their office for a meeting.