Girish Navani Provides Entrepreneurs a Guide to Sustaining Momentum

Girish Navani is the CEO of eClinicalWorks, a frontrunner in mobile healthcare IT solutions. As CEO, he leads efforts to grow and expand all aspects of the business. Navani also actively manages the growth and product development for eClinicalWorks solutions.

The launch phase of a startup comes with lots of thrills and challenges. However, maintaining achieved success once the company begins to grow often presents new hurdles. As the business develops and new workers join, company culture and a unified mindset become vital to setting goals and driving results.

As the CEO of a healthcare IT company that was founded in 1999, which now has $325 million in revenues and a customer base of 100,000 physicians, Girish Navani shares the lessons he has learned. Learn about how he helped build something that will not only be long lasting, but will also leave a legacy that improves the lives of patients everywhere.

Empower the customer

Set goals for your company that revolve around building a product that benefits your customer. When Navani’s company was launched, he had recognized that technology could be the impetus to completely transforming medical care on the side of practice by making it much more streamlined. This has allowed for less errors within medical practices.

In addition, access to information would be much improved. Girish Navani’s main goal was to create a platform that improved the patient experience and made the doctor’s job easier. Every product his company has developed reflected that mindset, ensuring quality and satisfaction from consumers.

Focus on building a company, not selling it

Instead of raising more money, concentrate on building a sound product. Each share you sell to shareholders gives them more power to decide how you will conduct business. A public company must always consider the objectives of investors and Wall Street. It is always better to ensure your customers are happy rather than creating large sales and marketing departments.

Expect your challenges to evolve with your company

You’ll find that as your company grows, the challenges you experienced when you launched will change. At the beginning, it would be more about creating a solid enough product to attract a broad customer base. Once the company has gone through that, the focus can become on growing the company at what is considered a high-speed rate and have it stay scalable. Today, the company focuses are growth and development of a different set of business lines to create the ultimate customer experience.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

When eClinicalWorks first started, it was not as well-versed in the industry as its competitors, but things still worked out for them. Narvani recognizes that not knowing too much could be an asset when starting out. Instead, he has let his customers and intuition guide his business. Sometimes, knowing too much beforehand can cloud someone’s judgment and cause them to miss opportunities.

Reset your goals

Don’t measure success by the bank account or the company’s worth. Set your goals but once you’ve reached them, you reset. Girish Navani thinks he has found a goal in healthcare that he could reset for the rest of his life.