5 Reasons To Justify You Removing A Tree

remove a tree

Photo by CC user Stanley Zimny on Flickr.

There are several reasons why you might need to remove a tree as soon as possible. You will have to research whether you need a permit in order to complete the removal, otherwise, you could face prosecution and a hefty fine. Trees can be removed from private property, as well as from public spaces. Read this helpful guide in order to learn five of the most important reasons that will justify tree lopping in Perth from a professional company.

The Tree Is Leaning Dangerously Towards Your Property

Trees can become unstable and they might start to lean towards your property. As well as causing extensive damage to houses or commercial buildings, falling trees can also serious injure or kill people. This is probably the most important reason for a having a tree felled. A tree surgeon will be able to assess the likelihood of the tree falling. They will do this by calculating the angle of the tree and looking for any signs that the roots have started to come out of the ground.

The surgeon will gradually dismantle the tree, starting with the branches and working down until they are able to grind up the stump. Once the tree has been completely removed then there will be no danger of anything falling on your house or business.Tree lopping in Perth by tree surgeons will ensure that branches can’t fall on your house.

The Tree Is Obstructing Your View

Everyone wants to be able to look out their back window and have an unobstructed view of their garden. However, trees that have grown too tall or have extremely long branches can start to spoil the view. This can happen with trees in your garden or those on a neighbour’s property. If this is the case, then it is definitely time to have the tree removed completely. Once the tree is gone you can enjoy a full view of the garden once again.

The Tree Roots Are Interfering With The Foundations Of Your House

This is a rare problem, but sometimes the roots of a tree can grow so much that they end up interfering with the foundations of your house. If this is the case then the roots will need to be dug up and the tree can be removed completely to prevent the roots from regrowing.

The Tree Is Encroaching Onto Your Property

This is a common dispute between neighbours and can often lead to lengthy discussions on who should pay for the tree to be removed. If the tree is encroaching onto your property, you have the right to appeal to the council in order to have the offending tree completely removed.

The Tree Is Blocking Out Sunlight To The Garden

Plants and flowers need a lot of sunlight in order to grow successfully. If a tree is blocking out the sunlight to a garden, then the plants and flowers could be in danger of dying. This means that the tree needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Use this guide to decide when a tree has to be removed.