5 Must-See South American Countries

South America has always called to me with its colorful culture, music and festivals. is known as a continent full of fun-filled excitement and exotic places.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


It all begins and ends with the scenic locations. I find Brazil to be an outstanding place to visit because of their exotic beaches and festive atmosphere. There are parties going on throughout the day for one of many celebrations that happen each month. Brazilians are known for having a great time and dancing the night away.

For me, there are a host of places to visit when you go to Brazil including Iguaza Falls, Amazon River, and the most popular Christ the Redeemer.


This is one of the most beautiful nations on the planet. The beaches have become world-renowned for their overall quality and beauty. There is nothing like taking a nice book and sitting on the shores of these beaches. Just a lovely and humbling experience for one and all.

The people of Peru are some of the kindest and curious one can meet. They are always intrigued by tourists, but love helping out when it comes to showing the way. They are genuine and this can add to one’s experience.

Peru is not only famous for its beaches, but other places like the Andes, Ancient Inca Ruins (like Machu Picchu), and The City of Chan Chan.


Ever been a fan of wining and dining? There are few places that can arguably be listed alongside Argentina for their wine. The grapes are grown in the city as the wine is made leading to the purest tastes possible. For me, the wine is more than enough reason to head over to Argentina.

Looking past the glorious wine, there are countless reasons for visiting Argentina as a tourist. There are a host of shopping options in the country starting from the popular streets of Palermo Soho. Just walking down the street can bring goose bumps as it is busy with the latest trends and designs. It can be an exhilarating experience for tourists looking to understand the Argentinian way of life.

Argentina is full of gorgeous places to visit, but some of the best are Glaciers National Park, Mendoza Province, and Puerto Madryn. The full ‘tourist’ experience can be had at Argentina because of the variety of options on hand. One day you can be shopping in the busy streets of Buenos Aires, next day you can be observing the sunset past the glaciers.


The diversity of the region is spectacular considering the beauty available to be seen. It can be a unique experience to be able to travel across a country to differing landscapes. One day there will be an endless Amazon rainforest, the next you are sitting near the Galapagos Islands.

The best part about the experience is the opportunity of seeing all of these diversities. The country is quite small and the range of differing locales can be seen in one trip. This is always an exciting prospect for intrigued tourists.

Some of the finest places to visit include The Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rainforest, and UNESCO World heritage Sites. These are wonderful options for those looking to mix up their travels and understand the local culture better.


The last traveler friendly country in South America in my eyes is Chile. This beautiful and scenic country is home to a host of attractions. Those interested in observing a drier landscape will be welcomed by the Atamaca Desert. It can be a fascinating experience to travel across the desert with volcanoes looming large.

It is recommended to take part in the hiking tours as one can properly observe those Chilean volcanoes. Tour guides will happily take you along the path in order to show what Chile is really about. It can lead to some of your best traveling memories without doubt.

Recommended places to visit in Chile include, The Atamaca Desert, Chilean Patagonia (glaciers), and Sea Kayaking. Enjoy the range of rivers and deserts along the region as Chile provides tremendous diversity to go alongside its South American competitors.