5 Bad Habits To Unlearn

For a behaviour to become a habit, it takes constant practice. However, some of these habits are quite dangerous to our health and peace of mind. Here are some habits you should consider unlearning and better alternatives to learn:


According to research statistics, more than 100 million people died from tobacco related disease in the 20th century and without proper actions taken to end this epidemic, I billion people could die in this century. Tobacco is a fast killer and, sadly, smokers are not seeing the blinking red light. The tobacco in cigarettes contains carcinogen compounds; these compounds are actively involved in causing cancer. Cigarettes also contain tar, which is extremely harmful to the lungs.

Are you having trouble quitting smoking? If yes, you should consider switching cigarettes for an e-cigarette. An e-cig is also called a vape pen. It is a device used in inhaling water vapor. This water is infused with nicotine and flavors. Vaping is ‘smoking’ minus the negative effects of cigarette. Ensure you get the best vape supplies to make the switch worth it.

Eating Junk

This habit is another habit to drop. Eating junk will only expand your waistline and make your body vulnerable to health complications such as obesity and heart failure. The only good thing that comes with eating junk food is the momentarily pleasure on your taste buds and after that it becomes toxic in your body. It is therefore necessary that you consider eating healthy foods because they are both delicious and highly beneficial to the body. Incorporating healthy meal into your diet plan is not expensive. Eating healthy foods simply means, eating foods derived from plants and foods containing omega-3 fatty acid and low fat dairy products. Junks include soft drinks and carbonated drinks, they are unhealthy. Avoid those and instead drink these: water, yogurt, soy milk, smoothies and natural fruit juice with no preservatives.

Stop Depriving Yourself of Sleep

This is one way to weaken your body and mind quickly. Like every system, the body needs time to refuel so it can perform to its maximum capacity. Give yourself time to sleep. The benefits of sleep are endless.

Living In Your Phone

In the world today, some people value their phones more than their relationship with one another. The love of social media have had a number of negative effects on people today. Most youths have no social skills. Now is the time to cultivate fresh relationships and renew old ones. It is time to put down your electronic gadgets for a while, say 1-2 , hours a day to enjoy the company of family and friends (you can add more hours as days go by). Besides adding more age to your eyes, unlearning this habit will expand your mind.


Stop waiting for the right time, the right time is now! Go on that vacation, apply for that scholarship, apply for another job if you aren’t satisfied with your job. Move out of your parent’s house. Hit the gym and get in shape. You have to learn to seize the moment after all, you only live once.

Remember for these to become habits, it will require constant and conscious effort as well as time but the end result will be worth it. So, be patient and be of good cheer.