5 Asian Cities to Visit in the Winter

If you are planning to take a vacation break between November-March, then there are lots of countries that you can explore even in winter. Just because winter strikes the west during these months, doesn’t mean that the whole world is covered with snow. There are many Asian cities that you can visit in winter without carrying a whole bag of winter clothing.

Here are 5 amazing vacation cities where you can just enjoy chilling out in…in your cool summer tees and capris.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. It is located the south of the country and due to its tropical climate, the city’s temperature has never fallen down below 20 degree Celsius. Ho Chi Minh exhibits a huge variety of monuments and scenic beauty. Also, with a plethora of nightclubs and bars, the city has a lot to offer to people of every age group. The perfect balance of unique culture and enticing lifestyle makes it an incredible place to visit.

Goa, India

Goa is located in the west coast of India. It is well known for the crazy parties and amazing festivals that take place year. With an exotic nightlife, beautiful beaches, hot clubs, and huge beach festivals, Goa has something for everyone. With abundance of beach bars, North Goa is the best place to hang out casually, but if you are looking for beach parties, then south Goa should be your destination. Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivals are the main attraction in Goa.

Island of Kecil, Malaysia

Island of Kecil lies approximately 19 kms off the northeastern coast of West Malaysia. This is a great place for backpackers and frequent travelers looking for some leisure stay. Popularly known as the best party island in Asia, Kecil has a lot to offer in terms of excursion and nightlife. There is a plenty of opportunities to party amidst beautiful landscapes and exotic wildlife on this island.


A small country in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a lot to offers to its tourist in terms of attractions, culture and ethnicities. It is a perfect blend of modernity and venerability. The historical monuments that depict the cultural significance of this city-state are still in excellent condition. As far as the nightlife is concerned, you can find a plenty of nightclubs and bars to choose from, each offering different and unique experience.

Manila, Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and offers a great historical experience to its visitors. Manila is also the second largest city in the country making it a metro hub of the country with a very large population. A vacation here can be a rather adventurous experience with dozens of notable historical sites and attractions to explore. There are number of cheap hotels in Manila along with, uptown clubs and small drinking dens sprawled across the city to make it enjoyable for everyone. Travelers can explore a wide variety of local culture and entertainment hubs as a part of major attractions. Some of the top attractions include the Casa Manila Museum, the Monestary of Saint Augustin and the Father Blanco’s Garden all located within minutes of each other in the Luzon Region of the city.

So, next time you are planning to take a vacation during winter months, do not forget to consider the Asian cities with tropical climatic conditions. You can just loosen up yourself in these cities and enjoy your vacations in the most amazing and exquisite places of Asia.