5 Must-See Concert Venues Around the World

When a concert venue grows really popular, not only does it attract famous stars, it also draws huge crowds. Here we will list the 5 must see concert venues around the world that flaunt state of the art sound systems and also have decades of history. Whether it rains or snows outside, these concert venues ensure that you don’t miss a single glimpse of the artists you love!

Concert crowd

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Astra Kulturhaus

This concert venue is sponsored and named after Astra Beer and is located in Friedrichshain district in Berlin. The building dates back to before the Second World War when it functioned as a community center. With wood paneled ceilings, 70s style lighting, retro furniture and wallpapers, crystal chandeliers and hardwood floors, Astra Kulturhaus still has a communist chic appeal. Stars like Ben Harper, Belle and Sebastian, The Specials, Vampire Capacity and Busta Rhymes have had concerts at this location. Before it turned into one of the most sought after concert areas in 2009, it was known to locals as a railroad repair complex that was later converted into a red brick factory building. The place also has an outdoor beer garden and has a capacity of 2000 people.

Terminal 5

With a capacity of 3000 people, Terminal 5 in New York City is a venue for rock concerts. With two fully stocked bars, three levels and two wrap around balconies, this concert venue has staged the likes of Bloc Party and Frank Ocean. You can avail of tickets at Terminal 5 either at their door or online but if you don’t book your entry early enough, you may not get a chance to see your favourite rock star!

Hammersmith Apollo

This venue is located in Hammersmith in London. Though it was originally a movie theatre, it was converted into a live music venue in 1962. Rock stars like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Bob Marley have all performed on this stage. In the recent years, indie musicians like Fleet Foxes and Gotye have performed here too, adding to the variety of music that Hammersmith Apollo has housed. This place is far from being called a dingy rock club and can hold up to 3632 people. You can pick up a drink from one of the many bars at this concert venue and even carry it to the auditorium.

The Fillmore

This is one of the places that first staged psychedelic rock shows. Having emerged in the 1960s and routinely staged major bands, this concert venue is regarded as one of the stalwart concert halls in the world! The Fillmore has occasionally turned into a mosh pit and at other times retained its cabaret style appearance. Located in the heart of San Francisco, this place too is one of the most popular destinations for concerts.

Orpheum Theater

Orpheum Theater was built in 1852 and initially staged symphony orchestra before it turned into a concert venue in 1906. Before offering stage to musician, the location served as a movie theatre, a vaudeville show house and an opera. Powerhouses like Grateful Dead, James Brown, The Police and Bob Dylan have all performed at this San Francisco venue. With a seating capacity of 2700, this concert hall resembles an early 20s look with intricate detailed molding and high white arches.

If and when you make a trip to these famous cities, these concert venues must be among one of the touristy spots that you intend to visit. With their rich history and grand appeal, they are bound to astound you!