Would You Pass Your Driving Test Abroad?

Learning and being able to drive in your own country is one thing and whilst many of us rent cars abroad and adapt to the different conditions, how do you think you would fare taking a test abroad? Whilst the basic principles of driving the car remain the same, the change of roads, traffic signals, speeds and systems are often in stark contrast to what you have become accustomed to at home. If you are planning on learning to drive abroad then you should ensure that you do your research about what is required to learn to drive in another country, this is a good post about it. Here we take a brief look at how driving tests are done abroad, see how you think you would get on with the change.



Delhi roads are very different to your roads at home, driving lessons where you need to brake for horse and carts, overtake elephants and dodge speeding traffic all amount to an adrenaline fueled way of driving. The road and traffic system in India is not met with much respect by the road users and driving on the wrong side of the road is not something that is particularly frowned upon, you may be sticking to the rules, but the rest of the drivers are not.


It will take you a minimum of 2 years for you to gain your fully qualified driving license in Finland such are the difficulty of the roads and weather conditions. Learner drivers are required to undertake night time driving courses and skid-pad sessions to ensure they have lightening quick reactions and display caution in the dark. As a result of the incredible difficulty of the driving tests, the Finns are considered to have a world-class standard of driving.


The German driving test is tough, one of the toughest in Europe, you must undertake professional lessons and you are required to pass 4 driving tests, you will have a week of theoretical classes before your written exam, which up to a third fail. The rigorous testing in Germany may seem a little full on but when your country has roads like the autobahn which has no speed restrictions, then it makes sense to be able to drive well.

South Africa

South African roads can be chaotic at times which will present its own challenges as you learn to drive, the testing in South Africa however is incredibly meticulous and very tough to pass. During your test you will lose points if you allow the car to roll even an inch and failing to check below the car for leaks also leads to losing points. It is said that 6/10 fail their driving license in South Africa so passing here is far from easy, even if you are a great driver with quick thinking and a cautious approach, it could all be over for failing to look beneath.