Workplace Wisdom – What Your Office Decor Says About Your Business

You might think that getting things done at work is all that matters (and to some extent this is true). However, the street frontage of you business and your office decor can spell volumes for the success of your enterprise. So, what does your office decor say about your business?

Inviting (or not so much)?

There’s nothing quite like feeling that you’re entering a prison when you enter an office space (detect hint of sarcasm here). Of course, security systems and doors are so important in protecting your business, in order to prevent break-ins and theft. But, it’s also a very uninviting scenario to be met by ugly grey bars when you first set foot in a company premises. It’s hardly a place your clients will look forward to visiting.

But, yes! You can do secure with charm and character. There are a number of products on the market that can bridge the gap between safe and attractive. Don’t believe us? Just check out these security doors in Melbourne, Australia.

A warm reception?

Moving on from the street frontage of your business, it’s important that your reception area is as warm and appealing as possible. Whether it’s a lobby or a simple waiting area, the aesthetic of the space where your guests/clients are ‘received’ is so vital.

Your company values, mission statement and culture should be echoed in the design elements of your reception area. Is your brand youthful, innovative or big on tech. Or perhaps it’s more traditional? Does it draw on a long history and legacy? All in all, what’s the vibe that you should be translating?

Design elements on your reception desk/throughout the waiting area would likely incorporate branding, the use of materials and textiles (e.g. marble or even something a bit more funky like recycled aluminium sheeting if this fits the bill).

In any case, your reception area decor should equate to an experience that is pleasant and also gives the person sitting within the area a good idea of what your business is all about. Here are some more details on how to go about this, and some top visual examples of the companies that have got it so very right.

Cubicles or open plan?

There are distinct pros and cons to both cubicles and open plan workspace. While cubicles allow workers a set space and provision for ownership, open plan workspaces allow for more interaction and integration. However, noise can certainly be a factor. Here are some common advantages and disadvantages associated with workplace layouts.

Cubicles and separate office setups allow for personalisation. This can be a great asset to morale as employees can decorate their individual workspace as they see fit and according to what makes them happiest. However, it depends on the type of cubicles. Row upon row of tiny, indiscriminate box-like spaces do scream ‘factory farm’.

Are you the sort of company that values individuality, spirit and creativity? Think about the implications for your employees when designing a workspace. What’s your management style and how is it reflected in your office decor?

How’s the serenity?

The layout and decor of a workplace influences much more than just the impression that it gives clients and guests. It directly affects the morale of your employees. And, fair enough! Most of us spend such a great proportion of our waking lives within the confines of a work environment, so the way it looks and feels has such a high propensity to affect standards of health, happiness and productivity.

A light filled space free of dust and pollutants (who hasn’t has sniffles due to dirty aircon filters) is the basic standard which every office worker should enjoy. A water filter system wouldn’t go astray. And, don’t underestimate the power of plant life.

Bringing the outdoors inside has been proven to increase an employee’s cognitive ability and attention span. It certainly makes you feel more alive (and productive) than four dank, dusty walls alone. Check out this article to find out more about the surprising impact of office decor.

The power of first impressions and aesthetics (don’t you underestimate them!)

First impressions are, after all, everything. We imagine you are wanting to attract some decent foot traffic and to look like a legitimate operation? Think about what your premises looks like from the street. Make the interior of your business as pleasant and attractive as possible for clients, guest and employees alike.

Think about workspace design in boosting morale. Your office decor says so much about your business and your people. It is such an important factor in profitability and productiveness. Therefore, it would be wise to never underestimate the power of first impressions and aesthetics in the workplace.