4 ways to make a success of online dating

There are many ways to make a success of online dating

Whether you are dreaming of dating Brisbane, Bundaberg or Ipswich singletons, or even looking for love further afield, there are a few things that can do to improve your chance of getting more dates and finding someone to suit you.

Make an effort with your profile


Your profile is basically your dating shop front. The online dating game is all about selling yourself (not literally of course). Why should they date you? What is great about you? What do you have to offer? If you make an effort with your profile then people are more likely to find you interesting and want to message you. Avoid the mundane, instead make your profile stand out by adding detail, if you like travelling say where and why. Keep it light and friendly, you aren’t applying for a job so leave out the formalities. A conversational tone will help your personality to shine. Avoid criticising your ex or men/women in general, it suggests you are bitter and hurting so keep it fun and friendly.

Choose recent photos


You want to be seen in your best light but it is also important to be genuine. If you look like a supermodel in your photo but are more girl next door in real life then your date is likely to be put off when they meet you. Not everyone likes the supermodel look anyway, some people are charmed by the girl next door look. Choose a recent photo, not one when you weighed more or less, had a different hairstyle or were much younger. That said, choose clear photos preferably in different situations, holiday, at dinner etc. Ideally you should have at least one full length and a close up headshot so other singles can see you in your entirety. Most people will be turned off by no photo, and whatever you do, don’t use photos of someone else. It’s deceiving and will cause your date to turn on their heels before you have a chance to sit down. There is someone for everyone so just be yourself.

Go on plenty of dates


If you are looking for the one or just want to settle down ASAP, this might not be what you want to hear but going on dates is a great way to build your confidence, socialise and have some fun. If you keep it light and don’t pressurise yourself to settle down you are more likely to enjoy it and find someone whose company you appreciate.

Be honest about what you want


Let’s face it, people join dating websites for different reasons. Some people are looking for love so they can get married and live happily ever after, some are curious to see who is out there and have an open mind, some just want to date and other want something casual. Be honest about what you want from the get go. It will ensure you are on the same page as the people you contact/ contact you and it will prevent any awkwardness, mixed signals or confusion later down the line. If you want a serious relationship to avoid contact someone who is looking for something casual and vice versa. People sometimes change what they want but it will be much less complicated if you both want the same things from the start.