Swimwear Secrets:5 Beach-Ready Tips For Redesigning Your Style

“Hey do you want to hit the beach today?”

Be honest with me here, when you here this question do you want to run to the beach, or run and hide?  So many of us are caught off guard by the onset of beach season, or not quite beach ready for that beach holiday in the middle of winter.  If extreme diets or buying an oversized beach cover up are your solutions, THINK AGAIN!  There indeed are ways to get beach ready while maintaining style and confidence.  Here are my top five beach tips to redesign your style that will leave you feeling like a beach bombshell.

1. Shopping for swimwear is serious business

Purchasing a swimsuit should be taken as seriously as picking out a new pair of jeans.  And we all know how important a good fitting pair of jeans is!  Really though ladies, high quality swimwear that suits your body type is essential for comfort, support (both physical and emotional) and overall beach confidence.  Check out my personal fave FELLA swim for the most glam and perfect fitting swimwear out there!  When looking for a suit, find something that enhances what you love about your body while downplaying what isn’t your favourite.

2. Seek expert advice

There are designers that have dedicated their entire lives to creating swimwear for varying body types.  You do not have to be a supermodel to look stunning in swimwear.   Some expert suggestions include ruffles, hip ties and padding for thinner body types, or a one-piece that draws in the waist of a plunging neckline to highlight cleavage for curvier bodies.  Choose a style that is timeless, that makes you feel alluring and ultra-chic as you walk barefoot on the sand to the ocean.

3. Embrace the one-piece

I never considered buying, or even looking at, a one-piece.

Tankinis, no way.  What was I, 70 years old?  And then, I had a baby. Lucky for me, my first swimwear shopping trip post-baby a fire engine red sexy halter top one-piece caught my eye from across the store, and we have been intimately involved ever since.

I will admit, I was surprised at how much I loved the one-piece and wondered, could it be, is it happening, are one-pieces back on trend?  Alas, they are!  In fact, the classic one-piece is trending in full force and I am pretty darn happy about it.  There are so many to choose from!

4. Prep the bod

I am not at all in favour of irrational dieting to look fab in swimwear.

Such behaviour puts you at risk of “extreme hangry syndrome”, where you may find yourself devouring all the snacks offered to guests at the beach party because you haven’t eaten in days.

Don’t. Be. That. Girl.

Here are a few healthy tips to shed some water weight and tone up in the weeks or days leading up to your trip.  Schedule movement as much as possible.  If a 5am pre-work run isn’t your jam, take a walk on your lunch break.  Some think walking won’t do the trick, but it is actually a very efficient way to burn calories.

Hydrate like crazy in the days leading up to the beach, or even the day of if it is a last minute rendezvous.  Avoid high sodium foods that will make your body retain water.  Most importantly, do whatever makes you feel great in your skin, because feeling confident in your new sexy one-piece will greatly enhance your beachside time.

5. Don’t forget that last minute grooming!

Don’t get caught at the beach with hairy legs, or even worse, unkempt, well, you know where.   Buy a high quality razor that won’t leave your skin irritated, and moisturize from head to toe.  Speaking of toes, get a pedicure.  If you don’t have time; a quick cut, file and polish will do the trick.  Your skin and nails are part of the big picture, so don’t leave them out of the styling of your perfect beach look!

“Hey do you want to hit the beach today?”.

I hope you read that question and responded with an enthusiastic “YES, and I am going to look amazing”.  Beach season is nothing to fear with the right preparation and style.  Revamping your style every couple of years is recommended as our bodies and style trends are always changing.  So go forth my beautiful friend with your shaved legs, pink toes and perfectly suited swimwear and be the goddess of the sand that you were meant to be.


Image Source:  http://drugofchoicebeauty.blogspot.co.nz/2011/06/dudesday-tuesday-bathing-suits.html