Which Accessory Dwelling Unit is Right For You?

An accessory dwelling unit has become very popular in recent years amongst those looking to add some space and some value to their property. There are many options before home owners when it comes to building an ADU, and today we are going to talk about some of the choices which are most common. There is much to consider before you settle on the choice for you of course and one has to take into account the logistics of your property and what is actually possible, beyond that planning laws and building regulations have to be considered. Once the boring stuff is out of the way there is design and style to focus on but before all of that, you need to decide which is the best choice for you, and here is what many go for.

Tiny House

The tiny house movement has well and truly exploded in recent years. What was once seen as an act of rebellion against rising house prices and a world which didn’t recognize the need for living a more eco-conscious lifestyle, has become a fashionable option for so many. There are a number of property owners too who are looking to build tiny homes on their land and then either rent them out or indeed use them for aging family members or young adults who need a little bit of freedom. This is of course a large job yet one which will benefit the property owners a great deal.

Loft Conversion

One of the simplest and the most common forms of renovating the property in order to create an accessory dwelling unit is the conversion of the loft space in your home. Now this can become slightly more complicated if you are living in an old property and you need to invest heavily in insulation or drywalling, yet in the main it can be a very low cost and very effective way of creating a new dwelling in your property.

Apartment Over Garage

For many years garages would be renovated and turned into apartments but in recent years we have seen a much bigger focus on garages from property buyers. A smarter decision therefore is to add an apartment over the garage space so that you can have the additional dwelling without taking over the garage itself. This is a hybrid which keeps property owners and property buyers happy.

Basement Conversion

The basement used to be a dark and uncomfortable place which was used to hide, store and perhaps keep laundry products. Thankfully however many property owners are now taking it on to change the look of this space and transform it with a smart design which turns it into a livable and enjoyable space within the house. Much like loft conversions, basement conversions are relatively simple and done well, can be quite inexpensive too.

Which do you think would be the bets option for your property? Let us know in the comments below.