What Games Are We All Excited To See In 2020?

Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to unveil next-gen consoles in 2020 and the battle to deliver exciting launch titles will be intense. Developers are also putting the finishing touches on a number of eagerly anticipated PC, PS4 and Xbox One games, so we will be spoilt for choice this year.

We have already been treated to some seriously mouth-watering teasers and trailers, and the marketing activity will ramp up in the weeks ahead. These are the top seven games we are all excited to see in 2020:

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us blew gamers away with its wonderful cinematography, compelling narrative and perfectly drawn characters. It really pushed boundaries and showed the community that games can rival Oscar-winning movies when it comes to creating emotional resonance.

Gamers loved the brooding atmosphere, the bloodthirsty action, the stealth mechanics and the pitch perfect soundtrack from double Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla. We have all been beyond excited for the sequel, and it is due to hit shelves in May.

The game turns Ellie into a playable character and also brings back beloved smuggler Joel, with the action returning to a cannibal-infested, post-apocalyptic North America. Expect nerve-jangling tension, ferocious combat and gorgeous graphics.

Halo Infinite

This will be the main launch title for the Xbox Series X when it goes on sale towards the end of 2020. It is possibly the most eagerly anticipated game of the year, as the Halo series has a huge and passionate fan base and the developers are expected to pull out all the stops for Infinite.

It follows the exploits of the Master Chief in his epic struggle against the enemy on Halo ring, and it will also bring back the split screen multiplayer function. Halo has always been the main jewel in the Xbox crown, and Microsoft will be desperate to launch the Series X with an impeccable title in the shape of Infinite.

Its chances of success in the battle to get the better of the PS5 in the next generation of console wars could depend on it.

Cyberpunk 2077

Keanu Reeves whipped fans into a state of tremendous excitement when he stormed onto the stage at E3 2019 to promote this open world RPG. Cyberpunk 2077 was first teased all the way back in 2012 and gamers have been desperate to get their hands on it ever since.

Reeves takes on the role of Johnny Silverhand, an iconic Rockerboy cum digital ghost living inside the head of the hero, V, who is fully customizable. You can explore six regions of Night City, a sprawling metropolis located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco in the Free State of California.

The map looks huge and the onus will be on CD Projekt Red – the studio behind the impressive Witcher series – to make every inch of it flawless. If the developers can pull it off, this will be the biggest game of the year. It will be released in April and it promises to be awe-inspiring.

Doom Eternal

The legendary Doom Slayer is back in action this year and he is sure to blaze a trail of destruction through hell. Bethesda Softworks pulled off a huge achievement with its 2016 reboot of the immensely popular first-person shooter, retaining the ferocious pace and carnage that made the original so exciting while dragging it into the modern era.

Doom Eternal will dial up the intensity, bringing twice as many demons to the party and overhauling the lives system. The team has also promised a much more impressive multiplayer experience, so fans should prepare themselves for hours of frenetic fun.

Half-Life: Alyx

A new Half-Life is coming out in 2020 and that is enough to spark celebrations among legions of gamers. Half-Life was Valve’s first product, released in November 1998, and it secured more than 50 Game of the Year awards. It turned the firm into a major player in the gaming sector and spawned a 2004 sequel, but then Valve turned its attention elsewhere.

Counter-Strike started life as a mod for Half-Life and it has gone on to enjoy immense success, with CS:GO turning into one of the biggest esports in the world and enjoying a dominant position on Unikrn thanks to the sheer volume of massive tournaments it boasts. Dota 2 is also the world’s most lucrative esport, so Valve has its hands full, but it has decided to turn its energies back to Half-Life.

The protagonist is Alyx Vance, who has the fate of humanity resting on her shoulders. Valve has promised “puzzle solving, deep environmental interactions, and visceral combat”, which sounds intriguing. You will be further intrigued to note that6 it is a VR exclusive, running on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other PC-based headsets.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The seminal RPG will be rebooted for the modern era this year and you can expect to see your favourite scenes upgraded with slick new visuals. There will be considerable pressure on the shoulders of the developers tasked with remaking this classic, which is consistently ranked among the top games of all time.

If it can stay true to the original and incorporate a smooth new battle system then fans will be delighted. It is fair to say that the trailer looks stunning.

The remake will be divided into various parts and the first will be released on March 3, covering the events in Midgar. There will also be a new character, seen wielding a longsword during a motorbike chase, so there will be plenty of excitement when the game finally drops.

Marvel’s Avengers

Everyone’s favourite Marvel characters will join forces for an epic battle to save the world from destruction this year. Crystal Dynamics, the studio responsible for Tomb Raider, has been tasked with turning the game into a smash hit and its potential is vast.

Spider-Man was a surprise critical success last year and that has emboldened Marvel as it bids to dominate gaming just as it has film. The game features an exclusive story, which should excite fans of the series, and there is also a promising multiplayer aspect alongside the single player mission mode.

Superheroes may not be universally popular, but this game is bound to sell millions of copies and it could well be the surprise hit of 2020.